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12th September 2017 by Radioworld

We are attending the National Hamfest Rally 2017 - Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September

Gate open to visitors at 9:30 Main Hall opens at 10:00, Newark Showground, Lincoln Road, Winthorpe, Newark Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY. You can pre-order your items to be collect at the rally or to purchase at the rally by filling in our online form please see the link below for more…
6th September 2017 by Radioworld

Icom IC-9700 VHF/UHF/1.2GHz Prototype transceiver Shown at Tokyo Hamfair 2017

Icom Inc will be showing a prototype of a new VHF/UHF/1.2GHz transceiver called the IC-9700 at the Tokyo Hamfair, taking place on September 2nd and 3rd. This radio has been kept under wraps and we don’t know too much about this radio at the moment. What we can surmise is…
6th September 2017 by Radioworld

Win one of five Icom branded Vacuum Flasks!

Icom UK are giving you a chance to win one of five of these smart looking Icom branded vacuum flasks, ideal to hold a hot drink for work, taking to a contest or a day out at sea.For a chance to win one of these flasks, simply follow this link…
6th September 2017 by Radioworld

Kenwood TS-590SG Special Black Edition 70th Anniversary Out Friday 8th September!

The Kenwood TS-590SG Special Black Edition 70th Anniversary edition will be available on Friday 8th September 2017 here at Radioworld. We have secured 6 out of the 470 units that have been produced in the world. Please be sure to register your interest over email and you will be contacted…
12th July 2017 by Radioworld now uses Responsive Voice.

Need more accessibility when using our website? We've got you covered, now uses Responsive Voice. Responsive voice is there for any customers that have an impairment may it be visually or any other and may need help reading our website. We want our customer to be able to navigate…
12th July 2017 by Radioworld

MFJ Enterprises Brand

MFJ Enterprises, founded in 1972 by Martin F. Jue, is a manufacturer of a broad range of products for the amateur radio industry. They specialize in station accessories, such as antenna tuners and antenna switching equipment. MFJ now manufactures more amateur radio products than any other company in the world.…
26th June 2017 by Radioworld

Get to View inside Radioworld uk with Google Street View,

Our reputation means everything. Gaining distinction and with google's Street View’s Promotion our professional Business. Once you’ve reached Radioworld UK Via a google search click the 360 view and browse the most modern shop in the radio fraternity, We are leading the way in tech and are bringing a all…
7th June 2017 by Radioworld

surveillance equipment

Surveillance is the monitoring of behavior, activities, or other changing information for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting people. This can include observation from a distance by means of electronic equipment (such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras) or interception of electronically transmitted information (such as Internet traffic or…
24th May 2017 by Radioworld

Yaesu (brand)

Yaesu is a Japanese brand of commercial and amateur radio equipment.It was founded as Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd. (八重洲無線株式会社? Yaesu Musen Kabushiki-gaisha) in 1959 by a Japanese radio amateur Sako Hasegawa with callsign JA1MP[1] in the Tokyo neighborhood of Yaesu. The initial intent seemed to have been to develop and…
26th April 2017 by Radioworld

Availabile Now! Icom ID-51 PLUS2 Dual Band D-STAR Digital Transceiver

The Brand New, highly anticipated ICOM ID-51 PLUS 2 Dual Band D-STAR Digital Transceiver is now available to purchase! The Icom ID-51A PLUS 2 is the third generation of the successful D-Star HT. Like the original ID-51A, it covers 2 meters and 440 MHz and receives two bands simultaneously (V/V,…
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