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  1. ADONIS AM-708 Desktop Mic.

    Our Price:  196.95

    Adonis AM-708E is a high quality desktop electret condenser microphone with built-in compressor amplifier. Up to two transceivers can be operated from the AM-708E by simply operating a slide switch. It is also equipped with a FM/SSB audio quality selector switch for optimum operation. There are two fixed levels of compression High (45db) and Low (35dB) plus a Manual position, where a compressor level volume control is activated. There is an \'on air\' indicator which lights up continuously when transmitting. The analogue meter acts as a battery checker and output level meter. Time out timer (2 to 3 minutes) with time reset function, when activated de-keys the transceiver and alarm sounds for up to 30 seconds (can be disabled).


    * Eletret condenser mic.
    * 500 - 100k Ohm match
    * 2 switchable compressor levels + 1 manual
    * FM / SSB quality selector switch
    * 2 transceiver operation, selectable
    * Time-out option
    * Adjustable output
    * Up/Down Buttons
    * Matches most modern rigs
    * Adjustable goose neck
    * Electronic PTT & latch
    * On air indicator
    * Analogue level meter
    * 2 x AA cells or external 5-9V DC (3mA Rx, 6mA Tx)
    * Size 182 x 130 x 322mm * Weight 830g