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  1. Ldg electronics AT-11MP Auto ATU

    Our Price:  195.86

    The AT-11MP is a major step forward in tuner design. Major changes from the AT-11 Baseline v2.5 include dual cross needles, measuring forward / reflected power and SWR, and a remote head option allowing you the ability to mount the AT-11MP in your trunk or other out of the way place and still control the tuners function and get a visual indication of your tuned SWR via LEDs.

    The AT-11MP also features an ICOM or Alinco interface. Keep in mind that the AT-11MP will function with any radio, from a Heathkit, to a Collins, to a Ten-Tec, the Icom 706 interface allows the user to activate the tune feature by pressing the tune button on the front panel of the radio. This can be very handy if the tuner needs to be up away from easy arm reach on a hutch or on a shelf due to "shack clutter".

    The AT-11MP features a sturdy enclosure manufactured for LDG Electronics Inc. by Ten-Tec Inc. The circuit boards are of superior quality with component holes that are plated through and construction approaching MIL-SPEC requirements.

    Also available is a 4:1 Balun, allowing the AT-11MP to tune random, long, and end fed wire antennas.