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  1. BHI desktop Noise away speaker
    [Noise away speaker]

    Our Price:  139.95

    BHI desktop Noise away speaker, Stylish quality matt black speaker

    Excellent audio quality
    4” base driver and a 1” tweeter unit
    2.5 Watt amplified DSP noise cancelling unit
    Wide audio input level 50 - 500mW
    Power 12 and 18 Volts (300mA)
    4 or 8 filter levels (selectable)
    Visual and audio indication of filter level
    Noise reduction 9 – 35dB
    Tone reduction 4 – 65 dB
    Weight 1.65Kg
    Dimensions 200(H) x 150(D) x 160(W)mm

    • The Desk Top “Noise Away” is a stylish
    robust base station speaker for use in radio
    communications, especially ham radio,
    two-way radio and HF radio.

    • It is suitable for all bands and is easy to set
    up and control via the microprocessor
    controlled pushbuttons on the front of the
    speaker grille

    • It comes with a mounting bracket that can
    be left on or removed depending on
    personal choice.

    • The unit is supplied with a 1.2 metre audio
    cable with a moulded 3.5mm jack plug and
    banana plugs plus a 2.1mm fused DC
    power lead