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  1. ALINCO DJ-X3E Wideband Scanner

    Our Price:  149.00

    Alinco DJ-X3 is the latest handheld scanner from Alinco. For the airband enthusiast it includes the 8.33kHz steps as well as the usual step frequencies. Its useful wide coverage is from 100kHz to 1300MHz with AM, FM and WFM modes (stereo through headphones). A simple audio descrambler function has also been included. The unit can operate as a bug detector.

    * 0.100 - 1300MHz * AM, FM, WFM * 700 Memories
    * Steps: 5/6.25/8.33/10/12.5/15/20/25/30/50/100kHz
    * Audio decrambler * Bug detector
    * Stereo FM (with headphones) * Attenuator
    * Ant: 50 Ohms SMA * Battery saver circuit 

    * Audio output 220mW * Size 56 x 102 x 23mm
    * Weight 14.5g (without batts)
    * Accessories Supplied * 3AA dry cell battery case * Carry strap * SMA Antenna Options: Lithium Ion Battery Pack, Ni-MH Battery pack, Ni-MH Drop in Mains charger, EME-6 Earphone