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  1. Icom IC-7600

    Our Price:  2,995.00

    ICOM IC-7600 for sale HF/50MHz transceiver Enhanced with some of the main features tried and tested on the ICOM flagship IC-7700/7800 models, highly regarded by ham operators world-wide. Add over 45 years of analogue RF circuit expertise and the result is the IC-7600, a rig with outstanding performance and a multitude of innovative features including a newly employed double conversion super heterodyne system and dual DSP units and 3kHz IF (roofing) filter.

    To celebrate the launch of the IC-7600 HF+50MHz Transceiver, Icom UK will be giving a free USB Black keyboard with each IC-7600 sold, for a limited time only! The IC-7600 enables users to send RTTY/PSK31 messages directly entered by a connected USB keyboard. This promotion will emphasise this capability and encourage CW/phone enthusiasts to try this method.

    Dual DSP for transmit/receive and spectrum scope
    The IC-7600 is powered by two 32-bit floating point DSP units for Transmit/Receive and spectrum scope. The DSP units provide high performance comparable to Icom's top-of-the-line transceivers IC-7800 and IC-7700. The IC-7600 achieves similar performance for high speed digital signal processing combined with Icom's analogue RF technologies.

    104dB dynamic range and +30dBm third order intercept point (IP3)
    Icom's long years of analogue RF circuit experience combined with the latest digital technology results in an astonishing 104dB receiver dynamic range and +30dBm IP3 in the HF bands without sacrificing to the receiver sensitivity. Even a weak signal adjacent to strong signals is received by the IC-7600.

    Double conversion superheterodyne dramatically improves inband IMD
    The IC-7600 employs a double conversion superheterodyne system, which has an image rejection mixer for the 2nd mixer stage. When compared to the triple conversion system, the double conversion system is technically difficult to achieve a stable mixer operation but it dramatically reduces signal distortion through IF processing and provides a high-fidelity signal to the DSP unit. As a result, the IC-7600 provides a clearer, more distinct signal.