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  1. Icom IC-7700

    Our Price:  5,995.00

    FOR SALE ICOM IC-7700 HF and 6m Base, Sure to be outstanding, with a wealth of features.
    This radio will drop in between the Icom IC-756PROIII, and the Icom IC-7800 and surely worth the wait. 

    The IC-7700 is a top-performance HF/6m transceiver closely related to its "bigger brother", the IC-7800. Its main features are:
    Two independent DSP units (of the same type used in the IC-7800). 

    One of the IC-7700 DSP is dedicated to the transmitter and receiver, and the other to the spectrum scope. 

    HF/6m transmitter with a MOSFET PA delivering 200W output at full duty cycle.
    Quiet, built-in switch-mode mains power supply.
    Single HF receiver with I/Q second mixer, offering +40dBm 3rd-order intercept point.
    The single receiver should be seen not as a disadvantage, but as a plus.
    The IC-7700 single receiver allows no-compromise RX performance at a reasonable price; BNC sockets on the rear panel, and CI-V, allow easy connection and synchronization of a second Icom transceiver such as the 756Pro3 as a secondary receiver. 

     Many prospective IC-7700 buyers already own an IC-756Pro3. Add the IC-7700 to your existing Pro3 for the perfect contest station; use the IC-7700 as your main transceiver, and the IC-756Pro3 as a spotting receiver. 

     Upgrade from your IC-765 or IC-775DSP, and get the benefits of a spectrum scope. 

     Built-in automatic tracking RF preselector.
     The built-in tracking preselector, and relay-switched front end, offer unrivalled strong-signal HF performance.
     Built-in high-speed automatic antenna tuner.
    The IC-7700 tuner covers the HF and 6m bands.
    Selectable 15, 6 and 3 kHz roofing filters.
    As provided in the IC-7800.
    Precision OCXO with ±0.05ppm frequency stability and 10 MHz Reference I/O jack.
    The precision OCXO with 10 MHz REF I/O allows the IC-7700 to clock other equipment, or to be clocked from a higher-level master clock source.
     7" color TFT LCD display. 

     The display includes a simulated analogue multi-function meter. Rear-panel VGA socket for external video monitor. 

     Multi-function spectrum scope with adjustable resolution bandwidth (RBW). The adjustable RBW permits spectral analysis of received signals. IMD products and spurs can be displayed.
     Built-in RTTY/PSK31 modem requiring only a USB keyboard. 

     The built-in RTTY/PSK31 modem allows use of the IC-7700 as a complete digi mode terminal, requiring only a keyboard. This is great for semi-portable operation (e.g. Field Day) or when shack space is at a premium. 

     IF-DSP notch filter with adjustable parameters.
     The notch filter shape factor is selectable in 3 steps, and its maximum stop band attenuation is 70 db.
     Multi-function noise blanker implemented in DSP.
     Separate, high-performance 6m receiver front end.
     Digital voice recorder.
     Front -panel USB ports for USB memory drive and keyboard.