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  1. MFJ-1768 Dual Band 144/440 MHz Yagi

    Our Price:  96.95

    MFJ-1768 Dual Band 144/440 MHz Yagi.

    Get two Yagis for the price of one...
    Put two Yagis in the space of one with single coax feed. Get 7 elements on 440 MHz and 4 Elements on 2 Meters.

    Exclusive dual band balanced feed with FerriteChoke decoupling prevents pattern skewing -- gives low SWR. 1/4 inch diameter driver elements give wide bandwidth.

    National Bureau of Standards design is optimized for maximum gain, high front to back ratio, clean symmetrical pattern.

    Mounts vertically for FM/Packet or horizontally for SSB with single included U-bolt on 1 to 1 1/2 inch mast or tower leg.

    Includes a 5 foot, 1 1/8 diameter boom, antenna weighs in at 2 pounds Elements are electrically isolated from boom. High strength 6061-T6 aluminum tubing is used for the compact boom -- stays sturdy in inclement weather. Mast is not included. Get extra oomphh!

    Quick assembly -- get it up and on-the-air working DX in less time than going to the store to bring home a six-pack.