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  1. WATSON W-8681 Wireless Weather Station

    Our Price:  79.00

    The W-8681 Wireless Weather Station, This weather station has just been released and offers more features than any other similar product, and all at an amazing price. 

    Everything you need is included in the box other than 4 AA cells. You even get a short support mast and clamps to attach the assembled sensors to. There is a generous amount of cable to interconnect the sensors to each other, BUT YOU NEED NO CABLE back to the LCD control console that you use indoors,. That is the beauty of wireless control. You can mount the sensors up to 50m away from the LCD panel and not a cable in sight!

    The lovely LCD panel is large and is touch conrolled. That's right, you even get a comprehensive touch screen for the price! Customers are bowled over when they look at what they get for the money. Just imagine being able to see all the weather parametrs on a screen that is not tethered by cable. You can take the panel around the house and use in any room you like.

    So let's take a look at the many features you get.

    No cable connection needed to LCD Monitor
    Touch LCD screen
    Atomic locked Date & Time
    Indoor / Outdoor temperature
    Wind speed and direction
    Rain gauge
    Indoor / Outdoor humidity
    Barometer with pressure trend data
    Forecaster and weather alarm
    USB connection to PC
    PC software control and data programme
    Historical data storage and recall
    4 x AA cells required for LCD and 2 x AA for the transmitter

    What's in the box!

    23 x 14.5 x 3.5cm LCD touch screen and monitor
    Wind speed sensor
    Wind direction sensor
    Rain gauge
    Outside temperature / humidity sensor with transmit module
    Cable harness to connect sensors to the transmitter
    Mounting arms for sensors and hardware
    Short stub mounting mast
    USB cable
    CD with PC software and operating manual