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  1. Nintendo Wii U White
    [Nintendo Wii]

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    Nintendo Wii U introducing a new paradigm for video games and home entertainment: Wii U™, a new console that includes a controller with a 6.2-inch screen. Adding a second screen to the living room creates a multitude of new video game experiences while offering families a variety of options to customise their entertainment.

    Previously, video games played on a home console have been confined to the TV and offered identical viewpoints to each player in a multiplayer environment. Furthermore, watching TV and playing console games have been completely separate experiences. The new controller removes these boundaries, creating a more dynamic and fluid gaming and entertainment experience. Visitors to the E3 Expo saw first hand the type of gaming experiences made possible by Wii U and the new controller such as:

    In single-player games:

    The new controller can display information on its screen that does not appear on the TV.
    The information and viewpoint can also change in the new controller based on the orientation of its gyroscope.
    In multiplayer games:

    The player using the new controller can have a different experience than those looking at the TV. This will offer a wide variety of competitive and cooperative opportunities.
    In addition to the 6.2-inch screen, the new controller also features an accelerometer and a gyroscope, a rumble feature, an inward-facing camera, a microphone and speakers. Adding these features to the Classic Controller™ button scheme – two analogue Circle Pads, +Control Pad, A/B/X/Y buttons, L/R buttons and ZL/ZR buttons – will enable a breadth of gameplay experiences while appealing to both casual and dedicated video game players.