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  1. Yaesu FT-897D

    Our Price:  739.00

    The FT-897D it has been purpose built into a rugged die-cast aluminimium box especially for heavy-duty operation. It is powered from a variety of sources from 230V AC, to Ni-MH ( both optional) or from an external 13.8V DC supply. 

    Despite its ultra compact size the FT-897D is never-the-less a high performance 100W HF+ 6m, 50W 2m and 20W 70cm transceiver. It covers most of the major modes and is very easily controlled from the front panel. The FT-897's tuning knob is in the centre of the front panel of the rig with the rest of the controls ergonomically placed either side. Apart from the microphone and headphones the rest of the sockets are out of the way on the rear panel. A feature on the FT-897 that was picked up from the FT817ND is the multi-coloured dot-matrix display. This has proved an invaluable aid not only in displaying the frequency but other details as well such as a spectrum scope.

    Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is built in to the FT-897 but there is provision for optional Collins 500Hz CW mechanical filter or the Collins 2.3kHz Mechanical filter to be fitted. It also has IF Noise blanker, AGC selector (Auto/Fast/Slow/Off) and VOX. Other features include intercept Point Optimization (IPO), IF Shift Control and Smart Search (Automatic Memory Loading System).

    Special features have also been built-in for the CW operator such as a 3-message memory keyer and a CW training feature. For general use the rig has 200 memory channels with Alpha Numeric tags, very handy to keep track of the frequencies.

    Special Features for VHF/UHF operators include Automatic Repeater Shift (ARS), Built-in CTCSS/DCS encoders/decoders built-in. ARTS (Auto-Range Transponder System) Smart Search (Automatic Memory Loading System), Automatic Beacon Mode and transverter jack.

    The FT-897D does not have an internal ATU but it is ATAS-120/100 compatible. The ATAS-120 Active Tuning Antenna System is now smaller and faster than the ATAS-100. The external FC-30 Automatic Antenna Tuner is compatible with the FT-897D (Optional)

    * HF + 6m, 2m, 70cm (ham Bands) Tx
    * Gen Coverage Rx * CW, SSB, AM, FMN, FMW, PACKET, DIGITAL
    * HF/6m 100W, 2m 50W, 70cm 20W
    * Internal AC Power Supply (optional) or Ni-MH (optional)
    * 200 memories with Alpha Numeric Tags
    * Spectrum Scope
    * ATAS-120 compatible
    * External FC-30 Automatic ATU available
    * DSP built-in * Large Multi-colour Dot-Matrix LCD
    * IF Noise Blanker, IF shift control
    * Built-in 3-message memory keyer
    * Collins 500Hz 12-pole Mechanical Filter (Option)
    * CW Training feature
    * 1.5W audio (4 - 8 Ohms)
    * 200 x 80 x 260mm * Weight (approx.)

    EAN 4909959092370