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  1. Super Antennas YP-2 (USA) Portable 2-element HF Beam

    Our Price:  269.95

    * 6m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, & 20m * Power rating 1kW * Comprises driver and reflector * Configure for the band of your choice * Quick telescoping boom * Telescoping elements * Weighs just 3kg * Packs down to less than a metre * Purpose-built carry bag included * Quick dimension guide * Tape measure and velcro transit fasteners * Acceptable as cabin luggage * 1 1/2in mast clamp
    As well as being a great portable antenna, this is an experimenters delight. You can adjust the boom length (in pre-set positions) to see how this affects gain on the various band. Try wide spacing on the higher band or closer spacing on the lower bands. You can even mount the reflector as the driver and check its tuning via a VSWR meter, then replace it with the driven element. That way you know the resonant frequency of the drive precisely and can compute the theoretical gain and F/B ratio. And all this weighing in at around 3kg (7lbs).