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CREATE Products
Create 730V-1A HF V-Dipole
Create 730V-1A HF V-Dipole
CREATE Products
Create 730V-1A HF V-Dipole
£439.96 (£366.63 exc. VAT)
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Product code:730V-1A
Brand:CREATE Products

The Create 730V-1A HF V-Dipole series is a compact V-type 4 (3)-band dipole antenna with a figure 8-directivity pattern and is horizontally polarized. The shortest possible elements are used while still providing high radiation efficiency and broad band VSWR characteristics. The use of the V shape reduces the area needed for mounting the antenna and is insensitive to changes in height above the ground and surrounding metallic objects. These features allow the antenna to be installed at almost any site. The antenna is operable at a height of 2 - 3m or six or more feet above the ground. Due to the horizontal polarization and figure 8 pattern, the 730V-x is superior to the usual compact ground plane antenna, especially in respect to gain and TVI. A high quality balun is included as a standard component of this high performing antenna.

* Create V Type dipole with rigid radials 7/14/21/28 Frequency (MHz) (HF+50)

* Bands 40, 30, 15, 10 & 6m

* All the models include balun that connector attached is type -M-. Power capability on 50 MHz is 1 kW input.

* Full width 2:1 max Feed 50 Ohms (more details to follow)