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Used Amateur Antenna

Buy used radio antennas HF/UHF/UHF from Radioworld UK low prices great quality,

Second Hand SP7GXP HF Vertical GP7DX Antenna

Bands [MHz] 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28 plus 50 Electrical lenght [Lambda] 1/2 Max gain [dB] 3 Bandwidth for VSWR 1.5:1 Max gain [dB] 3 Max power SSB/CW/RTTY [Watts] 1000/500/400 Emission vertical radius [st] 14 Emission horizontal radius [st] 360 B... Read more

Second Hand MFJ-1026 Active Antenna 1.8 - 30MHz...

MFJ-1026 Wipes out noise and interference before it gets into your receiver with a 60 dB null! Eliminate all types of noise -- severe power line noise from arcing transformers and insulators, fluorescent lamps, light dimmers, touch controlled lamp... Read more

Second Hand EZ-TUNE-7000IBOX High Sierra Control

Second Hand EZ-TUNE-7000IBOX High Sierra Control box for use with Icom IC-7000 only A dedicated controller box for High Sierra mobile antennas and the Icom IC-7000 only. With the transmitter in AM mode press the rocker switch, this provides a DC ... Read more