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Icom AD-106 charger adapter

The Icom AD-106 charger adapter for BC-119N/121N Read more

Icom BC-190 Microprocessor controlled smart cha...

Microprocessor controlled “smart charger” will recharge the battery, even after the initial rapid charging is finished. BC-190’s automatic recharging feature with optimised charging cycle scheme keeps the radio always usable. The optimised b... Read more

Icom BC-213 Rapid Charger for BP-278 & BP-279.

The Icom BC-213 Rapid Charger for BP-278 & BP-279. Read more

Icom BC-160 Desktop rapid charger

The BC-160 charger has been designed to work with our latest range of Li-ion battery packs, the BP-230, BP-231 and BP-232. As the capacity of Li-ion battery packs has gradually increased, a single charge cycle with a trickle charger now takes too ... Read more

BOX 6000 mAh Portable Tablet Charger

The box portable tablet charger is your all in one mobile power solution. Capable of charging both tablets and smartphones simultaneously with dual USB ports that automatically detect the correct power level for your device. Independently tested t... Read more

Icom BC-119LM Fast Charger for IC-4088SR

The Icom BC-119LM Fast charger twinpod, The BC-119LM, BC-119N And BC-121N will only charge the BP-202M Battery pack. Fast Charger twin pod (Includes BC-06UK or BC-06EU) Read more

Icom BC-157 AC Adapter For BC-121N

The Icom BC-157 AC Adapter AC adapter for BC-121N Read more

Icom BC-214 6 Way Rapid Charger

6 way charger. Charges up to six BP-279 battery packs in 2.5 hours (approx.) (inc. six x AD-130 & BC-157S) Read more