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Electronic keyers

MFJ-80 8k Memory for MFJ-492

MFJ-80 8k Memory for MFJ-492 8k Memory for MFJ-492 Read more

MFJ-551 Optional Keyboard for MFJ-493

The MFJ-551 Optional Keyboard for MFJ-493, 6P MINI DIN, W/ADAPTER FOR 5Pin DIN, RFI suppressed keyboard. A must to avoid RFI problems when operating CW keyboard mode. Read more

MFJ-78 Full Function Remote Control for MFJ-492

The MFJ-78 Remote Controller allows remote menu operation of a MFJ-492 Menu Keyer. The unit has a remote Menu button and the Function buttons Fl through F5. Having the menu buttons close to or on the paddle cuts the amount of movement involved in ... Read more

MFJ-73 Remote Control Pad for 434 Voice Keyer

Remote Control Head with cable for MFJ-434B lets you set the MFJ-434B out of the way. Read more

CG Antenna PK-4 keyer

Extremely small size and extremely low power consumption electronic keyer, Pocket Keyer, offers an Iambic keying with 4 message memories. The current drain is approximately 160 uA at 3V, and can be continuously powered by a pair of UM4 batteries ... Read more

MFJ-402 Tiny Electronic Keyer Built-in Iambic P...

The MFJ-402 Tiny Electronic Keyer Built-in Iambic Paddle Tiny Electronic Keyer Built-in Iambic Paddle Read more

MFJ-407D Deluxe Electronic Keyer

The MFJ-407D Deluxe Electronic Keyer Uses the latest Curtis 8044ABM IC chip and includes dot-dash memory, self completing dot-dash and jam proof spacing. Controls include speed, weight, tone, volume, tune, semi-auto and auto. Use 9V internal batte... Read more

MFJ-441 Econo Keyer

MFJ-441 Econo Keyer * Matches all modern transceivers * 2 - 65 WPM * Adjustable volume & tone * Adjustable weighting controls * Iambic, auto and semi-auto * 37 character memory * Key input 1/4in stereo jack * Output - phono * Supply Int. 9V o... Read more

MFJ-422DX Compact Keyer Module (without Paddle)

The MFJ-422DX compact electronic keyed is similar to the MFJ-422D except you have to fit your own paddle. The MFJ-422DX installs over the MFJ-564 or Bencher paddle. It provides speeds from 2 to 65 wpm, has an internal speaker and has controls for ... Read more

MFJ-447 Slimline Deluxe Keyer

MFJ-447 Slimline Deluxe Keyer, This slim line keyer from MFJ is capable of fulfilling all the requirements of the average operator. It can be used for conventional or iambic keying and only needs the addition of a suitable paddle. It matches all m... Read more

MFJ-442X Slimline Electronic Keyer (without Pad...

The MFJ-442X Slimline electronic keyer is similar to the MFJ-42 except you have to fit your own paddle.  * Matches all modern transceivers * Paddle unit not fitted * 2 - 65WPM * Adjustable volume & weighting controls * Iambic, auto &am... Read more

MFJ-492 Menu Driven Memory Keyer/CW Tutor

MFJ-492 Menu Driven Memory Keyer / CW Tutor With the MFJ-492 Memory Keyer you get tutor mode, contest serial numbers, message storage, side tone, auto, semi-auto, iambic keying and weight control. It operates with all rigs; valve, solid state, or ... Read more

MFJ-490X Memory Keyer (without Paddle)

MFJ-490X Memory Keyer (without Paddle) This has the same basic specification as the MFJ-490 but without the paddle. Owners of the MFJ Bencher paddles can simply fit this over their keyer and enjoy the full benefits of the MFJ-490 combo. * 192 c... Read more

MFJ-492X Menu Driven 8k Memory Keyer

MFJ-492X Menu Driven 8k Memory Keyer * 8k built-in memory * Supply external 12V DC 250mA * Size 165 x 60 x 150mm * Weight 725g With the MFJ-492 Memory Keyer you get ?tutor mode?, contest serial numbers, message storage, sidetone, auto, semi-... Read more

MFJ-495 Millennium CW Keyer

MFJ-495 Millennium CW Keyer, Microprocessor based menu driven CW keyer with non volatile EEPROM memory. Completely versatile, all keyer functions can be controlled from paddle, keyboard or computer. Supports QWERTY or DVORAK keyboards. Read more

MFJ-434B Contest Voice Keyer

The MFJ-434B Contest Voice Keyer Microprocessor-controlled Contest Voice Keyer sends your call sign, does contest exchanges or any other messages in your own natural voice. Records and plays up to five pre-recorded messages up to 75 seconds in tot... Read more

MFJ-422D Compact Keyer with built-in Paddle

The MFJ-422D Compact Keyer with built-in Paddle this is a completely self-contained electronic keyer, ideal for all modern transceivers. Choose the mode that suits you - automatic, semi-automatic or iambic. Speed is fully adjustable from 8 to 50WP... Read more

MFJ-442 Slimline Electronic Keyer with built-in...

MFJ-442 Slimline Electronic Keyer with built-in Paddle * Matches all modern transceivers * Fitted Paddle unit * 2 - 65WPM * Adjustable volume & weighting controls * Iambic, auto & semi-auto * 507 characters 9 elements max per character... Read more

MFJ-464 Morse Reader with Built-in Keyer

The MFJ-464 Morse Keyer/Reader combines the latest microprocessor technology with non volatile EEPROM memeory. The combination of Morse reader and keyer makes for great operating. High speed working is a doddle even if you are a bit rusty. It has ... Read more

MFJ-490 Memory Keyer with built-in Paddle

The MFJ-490 is a memory keyer and Bencher paddle complete on one base. Features adjustable speed and volume. Also offers adjustable weight and side tone. Can be used as hand key, semi-auto, reverse paddle, Iambic left or right. * 192 character mem... Read more

GHD GK-509A Miniature Electronic Memory Keyer

The GHD SUPER Auto Bug Keyer is a state-of-the-art electronic memory keyer with some unique features. All controls are on the front of the enclosure-- no "programming" is required. Flip the switch on the right and your electronic keyer becomes... Read more