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Morse Tutors

MFJ-26B Soft Leather Case for MFJ-418

The MFJ-26B Soft Leather Case for MFJ-418, Soft Leather Case for MFJ-418. Read more

Kent MPOK Morse Practice Oscillator Kit

The Morse practice oscillator kit consists of a full set of components, hardware and PCB, requiring only a case to complete. This kit is well within the scope of the beginner and is ideal as a novice project.Variable pitch 500Hz to 3Khz.4V to 12V.... Read more

MPO Kent Morse Practice Oscillator Assembled

This oscillator is self powered from 3 x AA cells and provides a generous level of volume, adjustable via the front panel control. An internal pot permits the frequency of oscillation to be adjusted. A standard 1/4in mono socket is provided for pl... Read more

MFJ-557 Practice Morse Key & Oscillator

The MFJ-557 Deluxe Morse Code Practice Oscillator features a Morse Code straight key on a non-skid heavy steel base -- it stays put on table and doesn't move around while you're sending.The MFJ-557 lets you practice sending code at home, work, rid... Read more

MFJ-413 Budget Packet Morse Tutor

MFJ-413 Budget Packet Morse Tutor * Microprocessor controlled * Generates random characters * Self test * Speed 3 - 35WPM * Farnsworth mode * Volume control * Tone control 280-1060Hz * Group length 1 - 8 or random * 3.5mm headphone socket * Suppl... Read more

MFJ-417 Pocket Morse Tutor (No LCD)

MFJ-417 Pocket Morse Tutor (No LCD) Pocket Morse Tutor same as the MFJ-418 but no LCD. Read more

MFJ-461 Pocket Size Morse Code Reader

The MFJ-461 is a stand-alone pocket sized Morse code reader. Similar in size to the MFJ Morse tutors, all you do is hold it close to your receiver and it instantly displays CW on the 32 character high contrast LCD. It has automatic speed tracking,... Read more

MFJ-552 Modulated CW for use on your FM 2m or 7...

Buy MFJ-552 plugs into your 145/433MHz handheld and converts it into a modulated CW transceiver. Plug in a key, and a transmit/receive switch automatically switches your handy to transmit when you send CW and returns you to receive when you stop k... Read more

MFJ-554 Morse Oscillator

Buy MFJ-554 Classroom Morse Code Oscillator produces a true pure sine wave ideal for sending Morse code to students. It delivers 1W into a built-in 76mm (3in) speaker with distortion less than 0.2%. * Low distortion sound 400-1000 Hz * Audio power... Read more

MFJ-418 Pocket Morse Tutor

The MFJ-418 Pocket Morse Tutor , * Displays words, letters and numbers on LCD * 3 to 35WPM with natural CW note * Various modes including Farnsworth * Enormous vocabulary of words * Individual characters or groups * Headphone socket * Power from 9... Read more

MFJ-554X Kit of MFJ-554 Oscillator

The MFJ-554X Kit of MFJ-554 Oscillator, 281 Speaker, 550 Key & AC Power Supply. Read more


MFJ-414 known as a Classroom Morse Tutor is a very comprehensive black box with a two-line LCD readout that functions as both a menu system for setting up the unit, and as a display to show the code being sent. This unit is able to key a transceiv... Read more

Begali CW Machine

The CW Machine is a unique software-defined keying device, and a perfect match for our high quality paddles. It combines the functions of an advanced iambic memory keyer and a keyboard keyer with the functions normally performed by a logging prog... Read more