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Palstar ATU

PALSTAR AT-500 Meter 600 Watt PEP Antenna Tuner

The Palstar introduces the AT-500 600 Watt PEP antenna tuner. All of the Palstar quality and features that Hams worldwide have come to expect is now available in a compact, lower power, lower priced tuner, the AT-500 Covering 160 to 6 Meters, the ... Read more

Palstar AT-2KD Power rating 2000 watts pep 160m...

Palstar AT-2KD - High power 2000 watts precision antenna tuner - Power rating 2000 watts pep Frequency tuning range 160m to 6m Impedance matching range 20 ohms to 1200 ohms Easy and quick tuning with only two controls 6 position mode... Read more

Palstar AT-2K Antenna tuner 160m to 6m

The PALSTAR AT2K 2000 Watt Antenna Tuner, Among the Palstar line of Antenna Tuners the AT1500CV was one of our most popular and best-selling tuners. The combination of affordable pricing and high quality construction and performance made this the ... Read more

Palstar BT1500A 1500 Watt balanced L antenna tuner

The Palstar BT1500A is a dual-roller balanced L antenna tuner that fills the void for a matching network up to 1500 watts pep for balanced line antennas. For ease of use the BT1500 utilizes only 2 controls to operate for tuning with two direct-cou... Read more

Palstar AT-4K 2500 Watt Manual Antenna Tuner

Palstar AT-4K 2500 Watt Manual Antenna Tuner, The Palstar AT4K 2500 watt antenna tuner covers 160 to 10 Meters with a power rating of up to 2500 watts PEP. The AT4K is the tuner that built Palstar's reputation for high-quality and "Built-Like-A-Ta... Read more

Palstar AT-5K - High Power ATU

Palstar AT-5K - High Power ATU The American made AT5K is a one-of-a-kind unique dual-function high-power tuner in the American Ham tradition. This tuner has been nick-named the "Rock Crusher" and is fast becoming the tuner of choice among "Hams" ... Read more