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VEC-1012K Vectronics Emergency & Business BD Receiver Kit
VEC-1012K Vectronics Emergency & Business BD Receiver Kit
VEC-1012K Vectronics Emergency & Business BD Receiver Kit
£40.96 (£34.13 exc. VAT)
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VEC-1012K Gather News First Hand -- Tune In Local unencrypted Fire, Police, etc.
If you like prowling the airwaves to gather news first-hand, the VEC-1012K is the perfect kit for you! Tune in local unencrypted fire, police, ambulance, public service, commercial business, and marine traffic as you search for real-life on -air drama. Before you know it, you'll master 2-way radio lingo, special operating procedures and police 10-codes as you ferret out the "real story" behind the news! You'll also master hands-on electronic construction skills. 

Detailed step-by-step assembly instructions guide you through each stage, and clearly presented alignment procedures ensure top performance without need for expensive test equipment. Your receiver is built around a Motorola IC designed especially for narrow band FM communication radios, so its guaranteed to pull in weak signals -- just like the best commercially built scanners and two-way transceivers.


Electronic tuning lets you scan the band quickly for activity without need for entering complex strings of microprocessor commands. And, once youve found the action, you radios fully adjustable "tail-free" squelch eliminates annoying background noise between transmissions. The VEC-1012K uses minimal energy, and can run for many hours from its self-contained 9-volt flat-pack alkaline battery. Plug in an 8-ohm speaker or use headphones for loud-and-clear reception. All circuitry is self-contained on a rugged 3x3.2 inch pc board.