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Aceco Frequency Counter

We sell at Radioworld UK ACECO Products with years of experience and research in designing and manufacturing we stand behind every ACECO product. All models are fabricated with the best components to guarantee reliability and high performance.Now ACECO delivers you the best of its user-friendly products with compact construction at lower costs. The high sensitivity to near field signals makes them idea for RF security,counter surveillance and radio communication testing applications.

SC-1 Plus, also detects digital, pulsed signals...

In contrast to the devices show nabove the SC-1 also detects digital, pulsed signals like DECT- or GSM-phones, Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) or other digital signals. NB: This device just shows the frequency of the detected signals, actual decoding is not ... Read more

FC-2002 Frequency range 10Hz-3GHz

Aceco FC-2002 Frequency range 10Hz-3GHz Switchable input hi-impedance (10Hz-50MHz, 1MΩ) or 50Ω (1MHz - 3GHz) 10-digit backlit LC Display Bargraph for relative strength display Variable Gate timing Measurement of period timing Switchable noise fi... Read more

FC-5002 is a near field receiver

The FC-5002 is a near field receiver which intercepts automatically and very fast any FM signal between 30 and 900MHz in the vicinity. Works like a scanner, but much faster (less then one second typically). Ideal for personal security, interceptio... Read more

FC-3002 Frequency range 1MHz-3GHz

Aceco FC-3002 Frequency range 1MHz-3GHz,Imagine the following situation: A bus drives by you, the driver is on the radio - but on which frequency? No problem with the FC-3002 and an additional scanner the frequency is immediately identified and se... Read more

Aceco FC6002 Bug Detector With Strength Meter

Some people, in this day and age, know that we are constantly “being watched” and listened to, and they would like to have more knowledge, if they can, about when and where this is happening. Others might have more reasons than others, to be m... Read more