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Air band Antennas for Base or Mobile Use

Airband Antennas For Base Or Mobile Use, We offer a huge range. Fancy something we don't advertised just ask we will more then likely be able to source it or offer an alternative!

Comet AB-1230M Dedicated Airband Mobile Whip

The Comet AB-1230M Dedicated Airband Mobile Whip, A dedicated mobile antenna for optimum coverage of the aircraft bands, covers 108-140 and 220-400Mhz. Quality chrome finish, and just 0.58m in length, and with the very popular PL259 type base fitt... Read more

Radioworld DBAB Dual Band Air Band Antenna

Dual band air band receiving base antenna optimised for Civil and Military air band,Type: Parallel quarter wave vertical receive antenna Frequency: RX 108-140 MHz, 220-391 MHz, Length: 65cm Radials: 4 x 24cm Mast: upto 51mm (2") Connection: N Type. Read more

R-30 Dual Band Vertical 2M-70CM Antenna

Pick up your favorite R-30 Dual Band Vertical 2M-70CM Antenna frequencies Key Features: Type: Dedicated Air band Antenna, Frequency: 144-146 & 430-440MHz Connection: SO239. * Bands 2m/70cm * Gain 3/6dB * Power 150W * Length 1.m * Weight 0.885kg. Read more

Sirio MD118-137 Aviation Antenna 118-137MHZ

The Sirio MD118-137 Aviation Antenna 118-137MHZ, Dipole 1/2 with loaded radial covering the frequency range of 118-137 MHz for aeronautical band. The whip is made of black chromed stainless steel and all the metallic components are of brass or ste... Read more

RBV-50 Dual Band Vertical Collinear 2/70cm

RBV-50 Dual Band Vertical Collinear 2/70cm Pick up your favorite VHF-UHF frequencies both Bands 2m/70cm with this one dual band collinear antenna. Read more