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AirNav Live Flight Tracker
Airnav Shiptrax-3D mapping systems
AirNav Live Flight Tracker
Airnav Shiptrax-3D mapping systems
£479.95 (£399.96 exc. VAT)
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Product code:Shiptrax-3D
Brand:AirNav Live Flight Tracker

The Airnav Shiptrax-3D mapping systems, AirNav ShipTrax is the most advanced Windows based Ship Tracking application. By receiving ship data from various sources (AIS, TCP/IP, AIS Networks) you will be able to track ships all over the world in real-time. This product is something never seen in the marine community and results from a 15 year experience in the development of high-tech award winning aviation solutions.

Details shown include Ship Name, Position, Photo, Navigation data (location, speed, track), IMO/MMSI/Callsign, Ship Type and dimensions. The MyLog feature maintains a database of all received ships, last known position and voyage details.

ShipTrax-3D adds the dimension of Google 3D mapping systems that gives the most realistic views possible in great detail and is particularly effective for river traffic and docks.

Why ShipTrax?

1 Full featured software included.
No third-party software or apps with hidden costs required.
All-in-one package.
2 Network your station with others
3 The only AIS Receiver with USB + Serial + Ethernet simultaneous output.
4 See local and network traffic in Real-Time
5 Continuous software updates
6 Professional email and forum support
7 Extensive ship and port database
8 Software 100% compatible with any other AIS receiver or TCP-IP

First and Only advanced windows based Ship Tracking Software that shows you the all details in a simple to use window
First and Only Ship Tracking Program totally based on 15 years of high-tech aviation tracking applications with more than 30 thousand users worldwide
First and Only that shows you photos of the ships being tracked
First and Only Program that enables you to see tracked ships in several windows
First and Only Ship Tracking application that applies different filters to different window

Track ships in real-time
Ship Name, Type, IMO/ MMSI / Callsign data
Ship Navigation data: speed, track destination
Accurate 110 thousand ship database included
Able to get data from an AIS receiver, TCP/IP connection and various AIS networks
See what other ShipTrax users receive in real-time
Based on the award winning 3D multi-window map interface
Real-Time photos of all tracked ships
Generate and share reports automatically
Share screen shots with your friends
MyLog: log all and share with your friends all the ships you receive
Alert generation for specific ships
Recorder/player to review navigation recordings
Advanced Filters
SmartView / Fleet Monitoring option
Automatic detection of user location
Real-Time AIS decoder hardware (optional)
Easy plug & play USB connection, no complex time consuming setup
Fully integrated 3D Ship Tracking
Embedded application Google Earth Interface