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Albrecht radio

Welcome to the Albrecht / Alan Electronics page. Here, you'll find links for CB Radio gear and antennas covering 27mhz. In addition, specific models mentioned in the cb radio forum Like Albrecht radio ssb and am-fm, cb radio handheld and more are here for future reference. Albrecht radios sold here, we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in Albrecht radio design. Albrecht / Alan Electronics GmbH cb radio/ham radio,


This new radio from Albrecht the AE5890 is ready for the new UK AM/FM/SSB allocation plus coverage of the existing 40ch UK FM band and all European legal CB bands too!IMPORTANT NOTE: SSB and AM are now legal to use in the UK, and licensed amateur ... Read more

Albrecht AE-2990AFS - CB/SSB portable transceiver

Albrecht AE-2990AFS - CB/SSB portable transceiver Multi mode channel· Germany: 80 channel FM (4 W); 40 channel AM 1 W and SSB 4 W· EU: 40 channel AM 1 W; 40 channel FM/SSB 4 W· E: 40 channel AM/FM/SSB 4 W· PL: 40 channel AM/FM/SSB 4 W "0" Rast... Read more

Albrecht AE7500 Multi Mode CB Transceivers

Transceiver 27MHz/CB Mobile, 4W AM/4W FM/12W SSB, Multi European Standards.Electret Condenser Microphone, Connector 6-Pin.Long description: FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:AE7500CB = CB-Radio Version:* AM FM SSB, 4/4/12 Watt* All European S... Read more

Albrecht AE-485S 10m AM/FM/SSB Mobile/Base stat...

The Albrecht AE-485S 10m AM/FM/SSB Mobile/Base station transceiver. Designed for the 10m band over the range of 28.000 to 29.700MHz. It’s an ideal transceiver for either mobile or base station use. Use of the switches and buttons is straight for... Read more

Albrecht AE-6690 Multi-region mobile CB radio

The Latest CB Radio with CTCSS Sub Tones, The re-emergence of CB as a useful tool for business communication is being proved by demand and interest for the all new Albrecht AE6690. Europe's first Multiband radio with CTCSS. This fantastic little r... Read more

Albrecht AE6790 Multi Channel CB Radio

The Albrecht AE6790 CB Radio has a small design but with a large LCD display so you can easily see the channel/frequency and functions at glance. Cheap easy to use cb radio. Read more

Albrecht DG-630 CHARGER - AE2990, AE2980, AE294...

The charger has been designed for charging NiCad and NiMH batteries in the battery holders used for Albrecht handheld radio types, AE2990, AE2980, AE2944, AE501.Only charge when the battery holder is filled completely and use only according to the... Read more

Albrecht AE-6110 Multi-AM/FM modes cb radio

The ALBRECHT AE 6110 is an ultra- compact AM/FM modes cb radio which is perfect for mobile use. Read more

Albrecht CB Flex CL27 rubber duck antenna

Extremely flexible BNC fitting rubber antenna a.k.k rubber duck, with a center loaded coil, very good transmitting/reception results for 27MHz CB band, 22" inc long,Technical Specifications: Type of Antenna, 1/4 wave reduced,Frequency 27 MHz, Len... Read more

Albrecht TNC27R TNC Fit Rubber Duck 27 MHz

Extremely flexible TNC fitting fibreglass antenna with very good transmitting/reception results. Suitable to fit Maycom AH-27.Technical Specifications:Type of Antenna: 1/4 wave reducedFrequency: 27 MHzLength: 54cmS.W.R.: < 1.8:1Power Rating Max... Read more

Albrecht BATTERY HOLDER AE2990AFS and Albrecht ...

Battery Holder for Magnum 1012, Albrecht AE2990AFS and Albrecht AE2980. Can hold 9 Penligth AA Type Batteries. Only to be used with Rechargable Batteries. Batteries not included. Build-in Charging Circuit. Read more

Albrecht HM-110 VOX Headset With Boom Microphon...

Albrecht HM-110 VOX Headset With Boom Microphone - REDUCED,3 in stock and reduced to clear, Brand new stock.Controllable settings and good quality! Read more

Albrecht Mini-Magnet BNC-BNC

Mini-Magnet mount flexible and telescopic antennas with BNC connectors Specification:Magnet - 35mm Cable - 2.4m RG174Connector - BNC Read more