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Alinco Electronics

Welcome to the Alinco Electronics page. Here, you'll find links for Amateur radio Transceivers hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Amateur radio Alinco forums. From Alinco transceivers and accessories and more are here for future reference and more, amateur radio's value leader, sells high quality hand held and mobile transceivers.base stations and more sold here.

Alinco DX-SR8 HF transceiver 100W all mode

The Alinco DX-SR8 HF transceiver from Alinco, Covers all short-wave and HF ham bands.TX: SSB,CW,AM,FM, Power 100 Watts SSB/CW, 40 Watts FM QRP Mode ( 0.1 to 2.0 )Watt extra low power setting RX: 30KHz - 35MHz Detachable front control panel,Direct ... Read more

Alinco DX-SR9 100w HF transceiver with SDR

The SDR system in the new DX-SR9 consists of I/O signal output and a mixer circuit. It requires a high quality sound device (internal or USB interface) and PC specifications as follows, General coverage receiver 150kHz -30MHz, All modes AM/FM/CW/L... Read more

Alinco DX-R8E Receiver

The DX-R8E from Alinco allows the reception of SW, HF communication broadcasts and amateur radio from around the world.Technical Features I/Q signal output allows use of third-party SDR software 150 kHz 35MHz in AM/USB/LSB/CW/FM and IQ modes Fr... Read more

Alinco DJ-G7 Tri-band handheld transceiver 2m/7...

The Alinco DJG7 Tri-band handheld transceiver 2m/70cms/23cmsBrand Model, full duplex Tri-band handheld, the DJ-G7 from Alinco that meets the needs of the most demanding ham operators !Incredible features and Alinco's tradition of user-friendliness... Read more

Alinco DJ-X11 - Handheld scanner / receiver

Alinco DJ-X11 for sale new-All mode handheld scanner, 1200 channels, Twin VFO with dual receive, Frequency range: 0.05 ~ 1300MHz, Frequency Steps:0.05/0.1/5/6.25/8.33/10/12.5/15/20 / 25/30/50/100/125/150/200/500KHz/1MHz Modes: AM / SSB / CW / FM /... Read more

Alinco DR-735E 145/433 MHz Dual Band Transceiver

Alinco DR735E Dual Band VHF/UHF Mobile with remote head facility.Full DuplexExtended RX 108 - 174 MHz, 400 - 479 MHz Large Display with "rainbow" of colour options1,000 MemoriesScan facilityPower 50/20/5w outputComputer programmable with free down... Read more

Alinco DR-638H VHF/UHF Mobile FM Transceiver

The DR-638HNew model from Alinco, this twinband 145/433MHz mobile transceiver has a wealth of features to help you enjoy your mobile operation on 2m and 70cms.Covers 144-146 / 430-440MHz (2m + 70cms amateur bands)758 Memory channels50 watts of po... Read more

Second Hand Alinco DR-635E FM Dual Band Transce...

Second Hand DR-635E Alinco 2m/70cm FM Dual Band Mobile Transceiver The DR-635E is the latest VHF/UHF FM mobile transceiver from Alinco. This transceiver is capable of normal or narrow band FM as well as packet operation with the optional intern... Read more

Alinco DR-435E Mk III

The DR435E has plenty of power to hit those distant repeaters or just enjoy a rag chew on the simplex channels. 70Cms is a great choice to work mobile, with high gain mobile whips available, the performance can easily match or beat working VHF. It... Read more

Alinco DJ-X30 Scanning Receiver 100KHz - 1.3GHz

Buy Alinco DJX30 that will receive from 100KHz to 1.3Ghz covering just about all you need from aircraft or business communications, to broadcast or monitoring the ham bands. Small in size but big in features, this pocket size receiver offers a sel... Read more

DR-135E MkII Alinco Mobile 2m FM

The DR-135E is the VHF FM mobile transceiver from Alinco. The transceiver is capable of normal or narrow band FM as well as packet operation with the optional internal packet module EJ-41U or with an external TNC. * TX: 144 -146MHz * RX: 144 - 14... Read more

Alinco DJ-V57E Dual Band Transceiver

Alinco DJ-V57E - "Dual Band Transceiver",Double Your Radio Fun with this Tough Talker Dual Band radio!Rugged polycarbonate, water-resistant design makes this full- powered pocket size pal the perfect choice for camping,backpacking, hiking, fishing... Read more

Alinco DR-135UK 25.000-29.90 MHz (programmable)

The Alinco DR-135UK is a really great value 28 MHz (10m) all mode AM/FM/SSB mobile transceiver from Alinco. Work the world on this amazing band, makes the perfect mobile station or add a suitable power supply and use at home.With high Solar Flux a... Read more

ALINCO EJ-50U Direct GPS input for DR-620

EJ-50U Direct GPS input for DR-620 Direct GPS input for APRS / TNC supports digipeat mode for DR-620 Read more

Alinco DJ-V17E 2m handheld

Alinco V17E is a superb 2m handy that combines rugged polycarbonate materials, an ergonomic design and leading edge technology in an attractive, compact full-power VHF/UHF HT that is compatible to IPX7 so it's submersible 1m/3ft. for 30 minutes! A... Read more

DJ-496E Alinco 70cm FM Handy with Keypad

DJ-496E Alinco 70cm FM Handy with Keypad, Ni-Cads & Charger * 430.000 -439.000MHz Tx/Rx FM (F3E) * 4W (EBP-48N), 5W (External 13.8V DC) * Freq. deviation: ±5kHz * Channel Step: 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30kHz  * 40 memori... Read more

Alinco DM-330MW UK 30 Amp Switch Mode Supply

The Alinco DM-330MW 30 Amp Switching Power Supply UK version Fully CE-Approved Fully meets latest UK safety regulations. Low noise for communications use. Ideal for travel - lightweight and portable. Triple Protection circuit Low Ripple. The DM330... Read more


The Alinco DJ-V446 comes supplied with 7.2v 700mAh NiMh re-chargeable battery pack, UK spec EDS148 wall charger, belt clip, hand strap and Instruction manual. High Grade Waterproof Compatible to IPX7** and rugged body 39 CTCSS Tone Squelch Syste... Read more

ALINCO DJ-596EMKII Alinco 2m/70cm FM Handy with...

The DJ596 Mk II is a no-nonsense, easy to operate twinbander, with ample power to hit those repeaters around town, or just rag-chewing simplex. Full of advanced features,the DJ-596 offers simple programming & operation, powerful output & t... Read more

Alinco DJ-500 VHF/UHF Handheld Transceiver

Alinco DJ-500 VHF/UHF Handheld Transceiver Brand new model, the DJ500 is a great value for money twinband 145/433MHz FM handheld but still full of user friendly features !Features :-3 adjustable power levels 1w/2.5w/5w200 PC-programmable channelsL... Read more

Alinco DM-330FX 30 Amp Switch Mode Power Supply...

The Alinco DM-330FX 30 Amp Switch Mode Power Supply With USB Ports,This switching power supply packs a lot of features into a compact, lightweight design that features 9-15VDC variable output and delivers up to 25amps, 30 peak. Unlike other "switc... Read more


The DJ-175E is another rough, reliable 2m (144/145 Mhz) handheld transceiver from Alinco.With up to 5 Watts output, this handy has a tough, rugged polycarbonate body and comes supplied with battery and charger. 39-tone CTCSS, 104DCS, tone bursts, ... Read more

DJ-X3ED Alinco Wideband Scanner

The Alinco DJ-X3 is the latest handheld scanner from Alinco. For the airband enthusiast it includes the 8.33kHz steps as well as the usual step frequencies. Its useful wide coverage is from 100kHz to 1300MHz with AM, FM and WFM modes (stereo throu... Read more

ALINCO EJ-41U Internal TNC For DR-135E

EJ-41U Internal TNC For DR-135E Internal TNC option for DR-135E Read more