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Alinco Electronics

Welcome to the Alinco Electronics page. Here, you'll find links for Amateur radio Transceivers hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Amateur radio Alinco forums. From Alinco transceivers and accessories and more are here for future reference and more, amateur radio's value leader, sells high quality hand held and mobile transceivers.base stations and more sold here.

ALINCO EMS-53 Spare Hand mic for DR-135

EMS-53 Spare Hand mic for DR-135 Spare Hand mic for DR-135 Read more

Alinco EBP-74 battery pack

Replacement lithium battery pack to suit the Alinco DJ-X11Alinco EBP-74 Genuine replacement battery pack Suits Alinco DJ-X11 3.7 volts 1800mAh Read more

Alinco EMS-49 - Miniature Speaker Microphone

The Alinco EMS-49 will amaze you with its super audio quality from such a tiny speaker microphone, fitted with the popular stereo type small 2.5mm jack plug, suitable for most models with this fitting, including the Alinco DJ-C1 C4 range.Alinco EM... Read more

ALINCO ERW-4C Programming Cable For DJ-X10E

ALINCO ERW-4C Programming Cable For DJ-X10E, Programming Cable For DJ-X2, DJ-X3, DJ-X10E, DJ-X2000. Read more

ALINCO EBP-51N Ni-MH Battery Pack 9.6V 1500mAh

EBP-51N Ni-MH Battery Pack 9.6V 1500mAh, Ni-MH Battery Pack 9.6V 1500mAh. Belt clip included.Option for DJ-193/195/496/493/446. Read more

ALINCO ERW-7 E-Prom writer for use with DJ-X30 ...

ALINCO ERW-7 EProm writer for use with DJ-X30 scanner, This is the interface for use with the DJ-X30 scanner. Read more

Alinco EBP-73 Li-Ion battery pack to fit the Al...

The Alinco Li-Ion battery pack to fit the Alinco DJ-G7 Tribander; 1200mAh/7.4V. Read more

Alinco ERW-8 USB interface cable for DJ-X11

The Alinco ERW-8 is a genuine Alinco USB Interface cable for the Alinco DJ-X11 scanner. Read more

Alinco EBP63 Replacement Li-ion Battery 7.4V 11...

Alinco EBP-63 Li-Ion battery 7.4V 1100mAh for DJ-V series. Read more

ALINCO EDC-133ENiMh Charger for EBP-62 DJ-X2000

The ALINCO EDC133E is a desktop charger unit to use with a range of Alinco re-chargeable batteries to be charged as a single unit or even when attached to the radio. It is supplied complete with the EDC-136 Mains adaptor. Read more

Alinco EBP64 Replacement Li-Ion Battery Pack

Alinco EBP-64 Li-ion Battery Pack (DC7.4v 1600mAh) to suit the Alinco DJ-V series. Read more

ALINCO EMS-57 Hand mic back lit with DTMF & Rem...

EMS-57 Hand mic back lit with DTMF & Remote control key pad for DR-620, DR-135 Hand mic back lit with DTMF & Remote control key pad for DR-620, DR-135 Read more

ALINCO EDC-111 Charger for EBP-56N Battery

Alinco EDC-111 Charger for EBP-56N Battery Read more

ALINCO EME-15A deluxe Tie-pin microphone with e...

Alinco EME-15A is another very stylish and well made tie-pin microphone and earphone set. The control box has very useful features like VOX/PTT switching, rotary mic gain control, and PTT switch. The tie-pin microphone gives exceptional transmit a... Read more

Alinco EDS-17 remote head fitting kit for DX-SR8

Alinco EDS-17 remote head fitting kit for DX-SR8 Remote head fitting kit for DX-SR8, includes 5m separation cable, mounting plate & hardware Read more

ALINCO EME-13 Headset Inner Ear Type

EME-13 Headset Inner Ear TypeOption for DJ-G5E, DJ-V5E, DJ-190E/191E/491/195E, DJ-S11E/41C, DJ-C1/4/5, DJ-S40CQ Read more

ALINCO EJ-43U Digital Voice Board for Alinco DJ...

Digital Voice Board for Alinco DJ-596 MkI & MkII Read more

ALINCO EMS-14 Desk Top Microphone

The Alinco EMS-14 desk microphone, ready wired and plugged to fit the very popular DX70/77 range, but can be adapted to fit most transceivers. The microphone is fitted with a useful up/down function, LED status lamp, and PTT/Lock switches. Alinco ... Read more

Alinco DJ-A10S Tough Rugged Mil Spec VHF Handheld

The Alinco DJ-A10S Designed to resist splashes and dust, the DJ-A10 features professional grade specifications such as 1watt audio output, 2.5 ppm frequency stability, capable of operating 136-174 MHz range at 5w with 50 tone-squelch, DCS or DTMF/... Read more

Alinco DM-30E NEW 20A (30A peak) switch mode po...

This Alinco DM-30E affordable switching power supply packs a lot of features into an ultra-compact, lightweight design that features 9-15VDC variable output and delivers up to 20A continuous, 30A peak. Convenient for radio users, the Noise Offset ... Read more

Alinco DJ-VX50HE Twinband VHF-UHF handheld IP67

Full of advanced features, the DJ-VX50H offers land mobile-grade operation and powerful 5W/(UHF 4W)output in a compact rugged IP67 body. CTCSS, DTMF, and DCS are standard, along with a variety of tone bursts for repeater access.Convenience feature... Read more


The DJ-175E is another rough, reliable 2m (144/145 Mhz) handheld transceiver from Alinco.With up to 5 Watts output, this handy has a tough, rugged polycarbonate body and comes supplied with battery and charger. 39-tone CTCSS, 104DCS, tone bursts, ... Read more

Alinco DJ-X3ED Wideband Scanner

The Alinco DJ-X3 is the latest handheld scanner from Alinco. For the airband enthusiast it includes the 8.33kHz steps as well as the usual step frequencies. Its useful wide coverage is from 100kHz to 1300MHz with AM, FM and WFM modes (stereo throu... Read more