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CW/Audio Filters.

MFJ-751B - Super Tunable CW Audio Filter

The MFJ-751B - Super Tunable CW Audio Filter. Zero in SSB/CW with tunable peak and notch filters. Eliminate interference. Tune frequency 300 - 3000 Hz. Vary bandwidth 80 Hz to nearly flat. 50 dB notch. 12 VDC at 300mA. Read more

MFJ-722B SSB & CW Audio Filter

The MFJ-722 SSB & CW Audio Filter.One of our most successful products for improving reception, particularly favored by the CW enthusiast. Audio filters can provide very cost effective narrow bandwidth reception. Some operators actually prefer ... Read more

Wolfwave Digital Audio Filter - processing of t...

The Wolfwave is a digital audio filter that very efficiently improves the intelligibility of a received signal. This is achieved by a multi-level and adaptive processing of the audio signal: first the noise is reduced, then a band pass filtering a... Read more