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High Pass Filters

MFJ-711B - High Pass TVI Filter

MFJ-711B - High Pass TVI Filter. MFJ\'s ShieldBreaker high pass filter efecctively suppresses annoying TVI! Wipe out TVI caused by two-way, broadcast, commercial, ham and CB radios operating below 30 MHz. Use between cable/antenna and TV/VCR. For... Read more

HPF-1 High pass TVI filter

HPF-1 High pass TVI filter Note - not suitable for UK use. Special order item. Read more

HPF-2 Deluxe high pass TVI filter

HPF-2 Deluxe high pass TVI filter Read more

Vectronics Step Attenuator up to 81dB attenuati...

VEC-862 Plot accurate antenna patterns -- connect between your receiver and antenna and use your S-meter as a precision calibrated field strength meter. This will be your most useful hamshack accessory. Ideal for fox hunting. Determine gain, l... Read more

VEC-884 Vectronics Tunable DSP Filter

The VEC-884 DSP filter automatically eliminates hetrodynes, reduces noise and interference simultaneously on SSB, CW, AM, Packet, AMTOR, PACTOR, RTTY, WeFAX, FAX, weak signal VHF, EME and satellite. There are 15 factory pre-set filters to match al... Read more