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Antenna Dip Meter

Antenna Dip Meter

Antenna Dip Meter

Welcome to the Amateur Radio Dip Meter page. Here, you'll find links for high-quality Dip Meter covering HF-VHF-UHF. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Antennas forum like Diamond Antennas, Comet, Yaesu, Icom, Watson, Cushcraft, MFJ, and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio Dip Meter sold here, we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in antenna design. The antenna dip meter is a useful tool for measuring the resonant frequency of an antenna. It consists of a variable frequency oscillator, a calibrated meter, and a coupling capacitor. To use the dip meter, the antenna is connected to the input terminal and the frequency is adjusted until the meter shows a dip. This dip indicates the resonant frequency of the antenna. The dip meter can also be u...

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