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Antenna Fibreglass Poles

Welcome to the Fibreglass Poles page. Here, you'll find links for Fibreglass Poles Accessories covering hf-vhf-uhf installation.In addition, specific models mentioned in the Amateur radio Accessories forums. suitable for fitting diamond antennas, comet, yaesu, icom,watson,cushcraft and more and are here for future reference.and more,

RFM -150 2m x 1.5in Strengthened Fibreglass ant...

Strengthened Fibreglass antenna mounting Pole, Strengthened Fibreglass Pole 2m x 1.5in. Read more

SFGM-200 2m x 2in Strengthened Fibreglass Pole

Fibreglass antenna pole SFGM-200 2m x 2in Strengthened Fibreglass Pole, Strengthened Fibreglass Pole 2m x 2in. Read more

MFJ-1904H Fiberglass Pole 24 ft

The MFJ-1904H Fiberglass Pole 24 ft, 4ft Sections with quick release clamps, this super strong heavy duty telescoping mast is made of .125 " thick wall fiberglass tubing. This mast supports weight including yagis, verticals, loops, full-size dipol... Read more

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