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Antenna Gutter Mounts

Antenna Gutter Mounts

Antenna Gutter Mounts

Antenna gutter mounts are a type of mounting system that allows for the installation of antennas on the gutters of a vehicle. These mounts are designed to securely attach the antenna to the gutter, providing a stable and reliable connection. They are commonly used in situations where there is limited space or where drilling into the roof or body of the vehicle is not desired. Antenna gutter mounts are typically made of durable materials such as stainless steel or aluminium, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to harsh weather conditions. They are adjustable and can be easily positioned for optimal signal reception. Overall, antenna gutter mounts offer a convenient and effective solution for mounting antennas in various applications.
COMET RS6 Roof Rail Mount

Comet rs6 roof rail mount

The Comet RS-6 Adjustable Roof Rack Mount, A very clever design, with a chrome finish, this mounting will adapt to most roof racks or any surface you ...