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AOR scanners and communications receivers
AOR AR-2300 40kHz-3150MHz Digitally processed Professional
AOR AR-2300 40kHz-3150MHz Digitally processed Professional
AOR scanners and communications receivers
AOR AR-2300 40kHz-3150MHz Digitally processed Professional
£2,649.95 (£2,208.29 exc. VAT)
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Product code:AR-2300
Brand:AOR scanners and communications receivers

The AOR AR2300B is a wideband black box receiver that covers 40 kHz to 3150 MHz (less cellular) in: USB, LSB, CW, Wide FM, Narrow FM and AM modes. APCO P-25 mode is available optionally. 2000 Alpha memories store frequency, mode, antenna port and attenuator settings. Bandwidths are: CW 500 Hz, SSB 3 kHz, AM 6 kHz AM, FM 15 kHz, FM-Wide 200 kHz (-3 dB).

The supplied AR2300 Windows® software(for XP or higher) provides powerful control functions. The AR2300 can be controlled from today's netbook PCs.

8.5 x 2.75 x 11.25 inches 6.6 pounds.

Monitoring of given frequencies, e.g. storage of 1 to 2000 frequencies, receiving modes, antenna port, attenuation settings, constant monitoring of one frequency or scanning of selected frequencies. Searching in a frequency range with freely select able start and stop frequency and step widths of 0.001 kHz (1 Hz) to 999.99 kHz. Detection of undesired emissions including pulsed emissions. Detection of unlicensed transmitters communicating illegally or interfering with licensed transmission. Protection against tapping by detecting miniature transmitters (bugs) Monitoring of one's own radio exercises in a service band and monitoring of selected transmissions. Remote-controlled operation via an optional LAN controller in coverage check and monitoring systems.

GENERAL AUXILIARY FUNCTIONS Frequency range 40kHz to 3.15GHz Simultaneous reception Two types of simultaneous reception (dual-watch) are Frequency resolution 1Hz possible. Tuning steps - program 1Hz to 999.999kHz in 0.001kHz increments 2 band reception One HF (40kHz-25MHz) frequency plus one Receiving mode USB/LSB(J3E), CW(A1A), AM(A3E), VHF/UHF(25MHz and above) frequency. FM(F3E), WFM(F3E), FM-Stereo(F8E), Offset reception Main frequency plus sub-frequency (within ±5MHz APCO P-25(D3E) Optional from the center frequency) Number of VFO 5 (A through E) Offset reception is possible only for VHF/UHF. Memory channel 2,000 channels (50 channels x 40 Memory banks) Memory bank 40 banks (each bank can be customized between Triple reception Triple receptions are possible by combining 5 to 95 channels) simultaneous reception mode. I.E. One HF frequency Pass frequencies 1,200 frequencies or 1,200 frequency ranges plus offset reception. 30 frequencies(ranges) x 40 banks Priority channel 1 (one) Squelch system CTCSS, DCS Selected memory channel 100 channels through memory banks Demodulation Aid Auto Notch Filter(NOTCH), De-Noiser(NR), Noise Blanker, Typical scanning speed Approx. 100 channels/steps per second IF Shift, CW Pitch, AGC, AFC, DTMF Antenna impedance 50W APCO P-25 Digital voice decoder (option) Operating temperature range 0°C to +50°C / 32°F to 122°F Frequency stability Less than ±1ppm after warm-up (5 minutes). AUDIO RECORDING Less than ±0.01ppm with optional GPS unit. Type of recording Record/Playback function through SD or SDHC Power supply requirement DC 10.7V to 16V, 2.0A @ 12V Audio output > 2W into 8W load SD card type SD or SDHC card per SD Card Association Power consumption* Stand-by : 200mA, Max. Audio : 1.5A More than 256MB is required. Use card adapter for miniSD Ground system Negative ground and microSD cards. FAT16 and 32 only. Dimensions* 285mm(D) x 220mm(W) x 70mm(H) File Format Windows compatible WAV file format. RIFF (little-endian) 11¼" (D) x 8½" (W) x 2¾ (H) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16-bit mono 17.578kHz Weight* 3kg. (6.6 lb.) Recording time Approximately 8 hours of continuous recording by RECEIVER 1GB SD Card. Squelch synchronization is possible to Receiver system 40kHz - 25MHz Direct conversion eliminate inactive time. 25MHz 220MHz Double super heterodyne AR2300 SPECIFICATIONS 25MHz - 220MHz Double super-heterodyne 220MHz - 360MHz Triple super-heterodyne INPUT & OUTPUT 360MHz - 3.15GHz Double super-heterodyne Antenna Input ANT 1: 25MHz - 3.15GHz, N-J connector ANT 2: 40kHz - 3.15GHz, N-J connector Intermediate frequencies 1st - 294.5MHz / 1.7045GHz 10MHz reference input SMA-J connector, 2nd - 45.05MHz / 294.5MHz Typical input: -2dBm±2dBm for 50Ω 3rd - 45.05MHz 45.05MHz Analog IF output BNC-J connector, 45.05MHz±7.5MHz Typical output: Antenna input +10dBm for 50Ω Third-order IMD > +20 dBm at 14.1MHz Frequency range 25MHz - 3.15GHz only. > +9 dBm at 50MHz Digital I/Q output (Option) USB2.0 compatible isochronous transfer > +5 dBm at 620MHz Digital I/Q output through USB Type-A Jack. Frequency range 25MHz - 3.15GHz only. Spurious and image rejection > 70dB : 40kHz - 25MHz 12kHz offset output 12kHz offset analog I/Q through 3.5mmΦ > 50dB : 25MHz - 2GHz stereo-phone jack. > 40dB : 2.0GHz - 3.15GHz Line output 3.5mmΦ stereo-phone jack. (3-wire) Accessory 8-pin miniature DIN Digital IF filter bandwidth 200Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 3kHz, 6kHz, 15kHz, 30kHz, DC Power Input EIAJ MP-121C (5.5 x 2.1mm) plug. Positive center. RS-232C 9-pin D-subminiature type (Male) - Firmware update