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Begali morse keys
Begali Sculpture Arrow Straight Key
Begali morse keys
Begali Sculpture Arrow Straight Key
£399.00 (£332.50 exc. VAT)
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Product code:Sculpture-Arrow
Brand:Begali morse keys

The Sculpture Arrow straight key, like its siblings in the growing Sculpture line of paddles, it was designed to represent the ultimate key of its type, combining materials and state-of-the art techniques that set it apart from anything else on the market

All fixed parts are completely made from AISI-304 stainless steel - a virtually indestructible material that can only be shaped to this perfection with specialized machinery and tools. It is polished to a finish that should stay perfect for a lifetime, and, unlike plated surfaces, you can always remove any blemishes with fine abrasive compounds like jewelers rouge or car polish.

The massive arm with a Navy-style knob is suspended in racing bearings for out most agility. The return force is created by two independently adjustable magnets, one attracting and one repelling. The use of two opposing magnets lets you create a force characteristic that is virtually constant - something that cannot be done with a single magnet or a spring. With a little bit of experimentation you can create a force curve that is perfectly matched to your own style.

Solid 925/1000 silver contacts (not plated) are a standard feature with the Sculpture Arrow.

At the bottom of the base we are using a rubber ring to prevent slippage - although it would be pretty hard to get this 2.5kg heavy weight to slide around on your table. Also included are four rubber feet which you can install instead of the rubber ring.

Like with its Sculpture siblings, we have made every attempt with this key to not only produce a technical instrument that serves its purpose with the highest possible precision, but also to make it aesthetically pleasing. This truly is a work of art that embodies the best we produce.