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50+ Amp power-supplies (High Power)

Welcome to the 50+ Amp power-supplies page.You'll find links for high amperage power supplies covering 50amps and above. In addition, specific models mentioned in the hamradio forum Like diamond,comet, yaesu, icom, watson cushcraft, MFJ and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio Antenna sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in dc Power Supplies design.


QJE QJPS50II 50 AMP Switch Mode Power Supply Unit, Includes noise offset control to eliminate the pulse noise of the switching circuit. This patent pending function is specially designed for communication equipment use. Its effectiveness may vary ... Read more

MyDEL MP-50WIII 40-50Amp Switch Mode Power Supply

The MyDEL MP-50WII 40-50 Amp Switch Mode Power Supply, Extremely lightweight and small PSU, ideal for small shack use and tight spaces. Technical Specifications. - Input Voltage: 230VAC 50Hz - Output Voltage: 9 - 15V DC regulated or 13.8V DC - Out... Read more

Nevada PSW-50 50 Amp 9-15 volts Power Supply

This powerhouse 50 amp switch mode power supply has a host of useful features, and output voltage is fully adjustable from 9-15 volts, it comes in at an amazingly low price too. Input voltage: 240 VAC, Output voltage: 13.8VDC - adjustable between ... Read more

Sharman Multicom SM-50 50 Amp Power Supply

The Sharman SM-50 50amp switch mode power supply, 240 volt mains to 12volt dc, Read more

MyDEL MP-60SWIII 60 Amp Switch Power Supply

The MyDEL PS60-SWIII is the third and latest generation of the PS60 switch mode power supply. It is a 60-62A switch mode power supply, with an adjustable voltage output (9v to 15v) and a fixed option (13.8v). Only one mode can be used at a time, s... Read more

DPS60M DC Switching Power Supply

Input voltage - 220V 50Hz / 110V 60HzOutput voltage - 13.8VDC, adjustable voltage between 1.0 and 15.0 volts. When it is set at the center position it will supply 13.8 volts.Output Voltage Regulation - less than 2%Protection - Short-circuit , auto... Read more

Microset PTS-150 55 Amp Switch Mode Fix Voltage...

The Microset PTS-150 55 Amp Switch Mode Fix Voltage Power Supply, Very reliable, strong and compact A.C.-D.C. stabilized power supply for continuous service without interference emissions, long operation maintenance free. Overload and overtemperat... Read more

Microset PS-50 50 Amp Power Supply With Digital...

The Microset PS-50 50 Amp Power Supply With Digital Display, Very efficient and reliable adjustable voltage A.C.-D.C. power supply for continuous service without interference emissions. Wide and accurate digital display V+A for output metering, sp... Read more

POWER-MAX-65-NF 60 Amp Switch mode Power Supply

POWER-MAX-65-NF 60 Amp cont 65 Amp peak switch mode varialble volts supply with V & A meters & noise offset. Read more

RM SPS1050S Switch Mode Power Supply 50Amp Max ...

SPECIFICATIONS:Supply 230/240 or 110 VcaInput energy/power 980 VA Fuse (230V) 5 A Output Voltage 9 - 15 V Max load 55 A Continuos load 50 A Ripple 50 mV Size 185x113x285 Weight 2,9 Kg Output short circuit protectionOver output voltage protectionSw... Read more

MyDEL MP-9626 120 Amp Power Supply

The MyDEL MP-9626 is a 120A 13.8V DC power supply has been designed for professional applications which require quality high current for equipments. The output voltage has Over Voltage Protection at about 17V to ensure very high protection against... Read more

Diamond GZV-6000 60A Switch Mode Power Supply

Diamond 60A Switch Mode, Size: 8.25" x 4.5" x 16" Weight: 12.8 lbs.GZV6000, 60 Amp Continuous Rating, 100% Duty Cycle, variable Voltage Control 1-15 VDC, Voltage Control Knob has center detent at 13.5 VDC, Overload & short-circuit protection w... Read more