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BHI DSP noise cancellation products

Buy your bhi range here of DSP noise cancellation products that remove unwanted noise and interference from noisy radio and voice communication systems leaving the speech clear and intelligible. Using unique digital signal processing (DSP) technology, the speech quality can be dramatically improved in a wide variety of radio and voice communication channels.

Pro Signal 3.5mm Mono Jack Plug to Plug Lead 2....

Pro Signal 3.5mm Mono Jack Plug to Plug Lead 2.5m Black, Read more

bhi 1031-108D Horizontal label for NEIM-1031

Bhi Horizontal label for NEIM-1031, Label for using NEIM-1031 in a horizontal position. Permanently attaches to box. Read more

Bhi 6 Pin DIN Cable

For connection to the accessory jack. 8 pin mini Din - bare ends. Read more

BHi Power Supply For NES10-2, NEIM1031

UK 12VDC unregulated plug-in Power Supply - 500mA. For use with bhi NES10-2MK3, NEIM1031MKII, ANEM MKII, NEDSP1062-KBD and Compact In-line (using 1.3mm-2.1mm adapter plug). Read more

LSPKR BHI - 20W Extension speaker

LSPKR BHI 20W Extension speaker. Specifications: •20 Watts power handling & 4 Ohm impedance •Adjustable mounting stand •2M audio lead •3.5mm mono Jack plug. Read more

HP-1 Wired Stereo Headphones

The bhi HP-1 stereo headphones are suitable for general purpose use and can be used for radio communications as well as listening to music. They are very comfortable to wear due to the lightweight design, adjustable headband and the soft leathere... Read more

BHI SPKR8 - 8 Ohm 8 watt extension speaker

SPKR8 - 8 Ohm 8 watt extension speaker for use with all bhi In-line modules or for use as an standard extension speaker. FeaturesFrequency 100 - 10KHz8 Watts8 OHMSPassive Noise filterWith cable and 3.5mm jack plugDims: 90 x 91 x 134 mmWeight 0.56Kg Read more

Bhi GroundBreaker Audio Isolation Unit

Isolate your audio to remove RFI and ground loop problems, The bhi Ground Breaker audio isolation unit offers a simple solution to RFI and ground loop audio breakthrough, Introduction - RF breakthrough and earth loop current problems tend to happe... Read more

bhi Noise eliminating bhi 1042 Six Way Switch Box

Need to Connect more than one piece of equipment to your bhi Noise Eliminating Speaker or In-Line Module? The 1042 Switch box is the answer...Allows up to 6 pieces of equipment to be connected to a Noise Eliminating Speaker, In-line Module or Exis... Read more

BHI LLC1 - Stereo Line Level Converter

Enables you to use powered speakers with your EQ20 audio DSP unitLLC1 - Stereo line level converter unit . Converts your bhi EQ20 speaker level audio outputs to line level stereo and isolates the EQ20 class “D” audio amplifier stage. This ena... Read more

BHI EXTSPK25 2-way Extension Speaker

Use with your bhi EQ20 DSP unit for excellent audio!Description:The EXTSPK25 2-way extension speaker can be used with a wide range of radio communication equipment including the bhi ParaPro EQ20 audio DSP range and the bhi Dual In-Line module. The... Read more

NCH noise cancelling headphones

The bhi NCH active noise cancelling headphones (ANC) reduce ambient background noise enabling you to have a more enjoyable listening experience. The over-ear style NCH headphones also give good passive audio isolation from external noise. They a... Read more

bhi Noise eliminating NNTDSP.001 DSP Module for...

NNTDSP.001 bhi Noise eliminating DSP Module for (most) Icom PMR radios A small PCB module allows the bhi noise cancellation technology to be fitted into most Icom PMR radios. Different DSP levels are selected with a single button, along with... Read more

bhi Noise eliminating CAT-MATE CAT Control Inte...

Get more out of your radio! No more messing with wires & cables Built in RS 232 modem. Electronic “Y” Splitter for the Yaesu FT-817, FT-857 & FT-897.The bhi CAT-MATE is an electronic “Y” splitter that enables the bhi Radio Mate com... Read more

bhi Noise eliminating NEDSP-1061-PCB DSP PCB only

The bhi FT-817 / TS-50 Noise eliminating DSP PCB only A small PCB module allows the bhi adaptive noise cancellation technology to be retro fitted into existing equipment, or fitted into equipment. Different DSP levels are selected either by prese... Read more

bhi Noise eliminating NEDSP-1062-KBD DSP Module...

The NEDSP-1062-KBD bhi Noise eliminating DSP Module A small PCB module that is simply inserted into the loudspeaker path. Different DSP levels are selected using a small keyboard to operate the module\'s functions. The NEDSP-1062-KBD is easy to in... Read more

NES10-2 MK4 Noise Cancelling Speaker

New improved NES10-2MK4 with increased audio power and the latest bhi DSP noise cancelling technology New The bhi NES10-2MK4 amplified DSP noise cancelling speaker removes noise and interference from noisy speech signals enabling you to have a muc... Read more

Bhi NEDSP1901-KBD DSP for Ham Radio Transceivers

Bhi NEDSP1901-KBD DSP for Ham Radio Transceivers, The NEDSP1901-KBD is a direct replacement for the very popular discontinued NEDSP1061-KBD. The NEDSP1901-KBD module incorporates the latest bhi DSP noise cancelling technology and provides up to 4... Read more

BHi ANEM MKII Noise Away Amplified DSP Noise Mo...

A simple effective compact solution to noise and interference problems!The bhi ANEM MKII ‘Noise Away’ Amplified DSP Noise Elimination in-line Module is a compact, easy to use, in-line solution to noise and interference problems in voice and ra... Read more

bhi Noise eliminating DSPKR - Quality amplified...

The bhi DSPKR DSP noise cancelling speaker from bhi really lets you hear the signal. Thisspeaker comprises a wide frequency range 4” speaker and an audio amplifier capable of producing up to 10-Watts RMS audio power, with DSP a built in bhi DSP ... Read more

BHI ParaPro EQ20 Equaliser Series

The bhi ParaPro EQ20 product range features a 20W modular audio power amplifier with a parametric equaliser plus the option of having bhi’s latest dual Channel DSP Noise Cancelling technology and Bluetooth technology. The parametric equaliser a... Read more

Bhi Desktop Base Station DSP Noise Eliminating ...

The bhi DESKTOP 10 watt DSP noise cancelling base station speaker will work with most radios, transceivers, receivers, and SDR radios, giving a new listening experience. The new rotary controls make it very easy to use and set up to your own oper... Read more

BHi Dual In-line DSP Noise Cancelling Module

Compact battery operated DSP noise cancelling unit ideal for portable use!The New Compact In-Line module measures just 125 x 70 x 37 mm, and is the latest addition to bhi's range of DSP noise cancelling products. This small compact battery operate... Read more