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Books on amateur radio.

Welcome to the Online Books on amateur radio store of Radioworld, This is the home of amateur radio books and publications from various authors all around the world, Books on radio communications, Antennas design, Propagation and more,

More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio

Building on the success of the original ARRL book Arduino for Ham Radio, this book More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio includes 15 completely new practical and functional Arduino projects for ham radio. This book branches out to use some of the ne... Read more

RH12-BK Radio Communication Handbook 12th edition

Whether you are an operator who wants to know what goes on 'under the hood', an avid constructor or someone keen to go on learning about electronics and communication radio the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook is the one book you need. With nearl... Read more

Amplifiers - Peter Rodmell G3ZRS

New book for 2015 by Peter Rodmell G3ZRS featuring the history and evolution of amplifiers and valves, how to make HF, VHF and UHF amplifiers, how to repair amplifiers in detail, and aerial tuning units. Blurb extract: "After a life of over 40 yea... Read more

The Complete DX'er 2nd Edition by Bob Locher, W...

Since first publication to rave reviews in 1983, W9KNI's masterpiece, "The Complete DX'er" has become the standard text for the rising DX hunter. Now considerably revised and updated, this new edition fully retains the approach and feel of the ori... Read more

The Radio Amateur's Satellite Handbook 1998 Edi...

The Radio ham's Satellite Handbook 1998 Edition , Written by Martin David off, K2UBC this must be one of the most comprehensive books ever written about ham satellites! Covers setting up a station, choosing the right antenna, and tracking includin... Read more

IMHB-BK International Microwave Handbook 2002 Ed.

IMHB-BK International Microwave Handbook 2002 Ed. Edited by Andy Barter, G8ATD, this book provides invaluable reference material required for experimenters. Techniques and devices are covered in depth, and contains a wide selection of designs usi... Read more

ARRL Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur

Proper Station Grounding is important and this ARRL book sets out to explain how to do it safely. This book is specifically aimed at US radio amateurs and provides an intriguing insight into a different electrical system even if it absolutely shou... Read more

The Amateur Radio Operating Manual 6th Ed. 2004

The ham Radio Operating Manual 6th Ed. 2004 Edited by Don Field, G3XTT, this latest edition has been substantially rewritten as well as a significant volume ofmaterial added. There have been many changes in the ham radio world not least the scrap... Read more

RAGE-BK The RSBG Guide to EMC 2nd Ed. 1998

RAGE-BK The RSBG Guide to EMC 2nd Ed. 1998. The RSGB Guide to EMC by Robin Page-Jones, G3JWI is the second edition to the Radio ham's Guide to EMC. The author has effectively rewritten this popular book, withmaterial added, and old material dr... Read more

HFAL-BK HF Antennas For All Locations 2nd Ed. R...

HFAL-BK HF Antennas For All Locations 2nd Ed. Reprint 2002 By Les Moxon, G6XN. A thought-provoking book from an acknowledged expert. A wealth of practical information on the choice and construction of antennas to suit most locations. An essential ... Read more

NACO-BK HF Antenna Collection 2002 Ed. Selected...

NACO-BK HF Antenna Collection 2002 Ed. Selected & Edited by Erwin David, G4LQI An invaluable collection of outstanding articles and short pieces which have been published in the RSGB?s RadCom magazine. Filled with antenna designs and informat... Read more

RSGB Yearbook 2015 New Edited by Mike Browne, ...

The RSGB Yearbook 2015 is our biggest ever with 544 pages of the latest callsign information and much moreWith over 84,000 amateur radio licences on issue including those from the Republic of Ireland, the RSGB Yearbook 2015 remains the very latest... Read more

Images Across Space The Electronic Imaging of B...

Written Dr. Douglas Brown a leading authority on TV Images Across Space provides a unique and fascinating insight into the pioneers of television and in particular to Scottish inventor John Logie Baird. From the initial concept of television thoug... Read more

BKYA-BK Backyard Antennas 1st Ed. 2000

Backyard Antennas by Peter Dodd, G3LDO aimed at Radio hams and SW listeners provides excellent material on a range of constructable HF antennas, matchers and tuners as well as VHF and UHF antennas. If you are into building your own antennas or hav... Read more

WRTVH-11BK World Radio & TV Handbook 2011 edition

The 65th edition of the bestselling directory of global broadcasting on LW, MW, SW and FM. The Features section has the history of Radio St Helena, reviews of the latest equipment, an intriguing look back at some classic 80s & 90s receivers, a... Read more

CB2014-BK YEARBOOK RSGB UK Amateur Radio Callbo...

The RSGB Yearbook 2014 contains all of the usual features, from over 81,500 amateur radio licences on issue, to the pages of the very latest amateur radio information, making this book the indispensable guide for every amateur. The RSGB Yearboo... Read more

Ultimate Scanning Guide with FREE CD ROM

The Ultimate Scanning Guide with FREE CD ROM,For those not familiar with Scanning directories the Radio Today Ultimate Scanning Guide provides a comprehensive listing of who is broadcasting on a given frequency. The reader is also provided with cl... Read more

RSGB Yearbook 2013

RSGB Yearbook 2013 marks the 100th year of the RSGB and to commemorate this they have produced the Centenary edition of the RSGB Yearbook. The book includes a special section that looks back over their history from their formation as the London Wi... Read more

Antenna Topics 2002 Edition

Antenna Topics 2002 Edition This book is a chronological collection of antenna related cuttings of over 40 years of the Technical Topics column written by Pat Hawker, G3VA for the RSGB\'s RadCom magazine. Hundreds of areas and subjects related to ... Read more

CB2011-BK RSGB Yearbook - UK & Ireland Callbook...

There are now in excess of 72,500 ham radio licences on issue in the UK a number which has grown by over 15,000 in less than ten years. If you want to have the very latest listing of UK licences then the best source is as always the RSGB Yearbook ... Read more

SAFA-BK Simple & Fun Antennas

SAFA-BK Simple & Fun Antennas Simple and Fun Antennas by Chuck Hutchinson, K8CH & Dean Straw, N6BV. This is a no-nonsense, hands-on, practical book on antennas. It is designed not only for newcomers to the hobby, but also anyone who wants... Read more

TEC1-BK RSGB Technical Compendium 1st Ed. 2000

TEC1-BK RSGB Technical Compendium 1st Ed. 2000 The RSGB Technical Compendium is compiled of all the technical features from the twelve editions of RadCom from 1999, plus one from December 1998 and January 2000. To this has been added all of the '... Read more

Weather Satellite Handbook 5th Ed. 1994

Weather Satellite Handbook 5th Ed. 1994. Weather Satellite Handbook by Dr. Ralph Taggart, WB8DQT, is a popular, and easy-to-use reference for anyone interested in viewing our world from space. It features an interface project that allows you to ca... Read more

ARAS-BK Amateur Radio Astronomy

Amateur Radio Astronomy By John Fielding ZS5JF. This book has no equivalent published anywhere in the world, and is for anyone with a passing interest in radio astronomy. It shows how much radio hams have contributed to the science of radio astron... Read more