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Books on amateur radio.

Welcome to the Online Books on amateur radio store of Radioworld, This is the home of amateur radio books and publications from various authors all around the world, Books on radio communications, Antennas design, Propagation and more,

25 Simple Tropical and MW Band Aerials by E.M.NOLL

This handbook describes how to build 25 simple and inexpensive aerials for operation on the medium-wave broadcast band (550-1600 kHz) and on the 49, 60, 75, 90 and 120 metre tropical bands. Information is also given on band details, directivity, t... Read more

The Space Radio Handbook 1st Ed. 1991

The Space Radio Handbook 1st Ed. 1991 By John Branegan, GM4IHJ. This book shows you the exciting world of space radio, what equipment you need, and information on meteor scatter, moonbounce, satellites and simple radio astronomy. A valuable featu... Read more

Practical Wireless Magazine

Latest edition of the month will be sent! Read more

Scanner Busters 2 by D C Poole

Covers the latest encryption systems, PMR, New digital telephones, Pagers, and the emergency services. Please Note: This book was made in 1996 and is for collectors buying only. This is not a guide to scrambling signals. Encryptions for Police ser... Read more

Logbook for Licensed Radio Amateurs

Log Book for Licensed Radio hams, Standard Log Book for Radio hams. Easily identified light gray cover it is spiral bound for ease of use. A log book is a legal requirement for any ham radio station. Read more

RSGB Transmitting Log Book

The RSGB Transmitting logbook is top quality traditional log book. The book is spiral bound so it lays flat on the desk making it easy to add those contacts whilst operating. Designed for the most active operator the RSGB Transmiting Log Book is s... Read more

Log Book - Receiving

This spiral-bound log book enables you to keep a complete record of all stations heard - invaluable for keeping accurate information for award chasing!Size 297x210mm (landscape), 80 Pages ISBN: 9781 8723 0979 8 Read more

ARDX-BK The ARRL DXCC List February 2002

The ARRL DXCC List is based upon the original principles of 1937 regarding countries listed, but with progressive changes in DXing since 1945. The full DXCC List does not conform completely with current criteria, as some of the listings are from p... Read more

Foundation Licence Book Latest edition

If you want to obtain an Amateur Radio Foundation Licence this book is for you. This is the very latest 5th edition of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) book that contains all that is required to obtain a Foundation licence. Even if you ju... Read more

The Rig Guide

The RSGB Rig Guide. A very handy guide to trade-in value, average buying prices, used prices and rig specifications. Very useful if you want to know what value your equipment is worth if selling it second hand or putting it in as a part-ex deal. Read more

RSGB Deluxe Log Book & Diary 2018

RSGB Deluxe Log Book & Diary 2018 New, Looking back over old log books can bring back memories of old friends, satisfying and challenging QSOs. For many there is nothing like it and even today nothing sits better on the bench of an amateur ra... Read more

Log Book for SW Listeners

The RSGB Receiving Station Log Book is spiral bound for ease of use and an essential item for the serious SWL or anyone wanting to keep a permanent log of reception details. Read more

VHFH-BK VHF Contesting Handbook 1995, Ringbound

VHFH-BK VHF Contesting Handbook 1995. Ringbound Originally the VHF Contesting Handbook started out as an information pack for the Backpackers series of contests but has been revised and expanded. It contains information on how to choose a site, ... Read more

Amateur Radio Explained 2nd edition

Amateur Radio Explained,Written by well-known author and radio ham Ian Poole, G3YWX, this book provides the ideal introduction to the wonderful world of ham radio. ham Radio Explained is for people first taking an interest in ham radio and those r... Read more

Virtual Radar Explained

Virtual Radar Explained covers the world of aeronautical Virtual Radar which is the common name given to the reception and plotting of ADS-B transmissions from aircraft. The use of ADS-B by commercial air traffic has revolutionised the amount of i... Read more

Elimination of Electrical Noise from 30kHz to 3...

Many radio amateurs experience electrical noise problems and feel forced off the amateur radio bands. Don Pinnock, G3HVA is a firm believer that radio amateurs should deal with the problems rather than not be forced off the air. Elimination of Ele... Read more

Intermediate Licence Book Building on the Found...

This brand new revised and updated 6th edition of the Intermediate Licence - Building on the Foundation book is the latest incarnation of this invaluable book for those seeking to upgrade their Foundation callsign. Designed to cover all elements o... Read more

Scanning The Maritime Bands By F. F. O'Brian

Book Contains information on How to tune into the world of shipping,Hundreds of frequencies listed, Covers UK. Ireland and western europe, Monitor air and sea rescue Read more

Getting Started in Amateur Radio By Steve Nicho...

Amateur radio is amazing. It has so many different facets and possibilities that there is something for everyone. Getting Started in Amateur Radio sets out to explore what is possible and get you started on a voyage of discovery. If you want to kn... Read more

Air Band Radio Guide Fourth Edition by Graham Duke

This is a handbook for all aviation enthusiasts covering the subject. The book examines the technology involved the equipment available, airfields, radio frequencies and much else. Read more

Practical Antennas For Novices 1st Ed. 1996

Practical Antennas For Novices 1st Ed. 1996. By John Heys, G3BDQ This guide is specially written for newly qualified holders of the UK Novice Licence. It describes in detail how to build simple but effective antennas for each of the Novice ba... Read more

YFPS-BK Your First Packet Station 2nd Reprint 1997

YFPS-BK Your First Packet Station 2nd Reprint 1997 By Steve Jelly, G0WSJ. This handy guide shows you how easy it is to set up a basic packet radio station. It describes the equipment you need and how to connect it up and communicate with other p... Read more

Morse Code for Radio Amateurs - 12th Edition N...

This newly expanded and updated 12th edition of Morse Code for Radio Amateurs is simply the 'book' for everyone who wants to learn all about Morse code and get the huge enjoyment that can be achieved from using it. Published by the RSGB since 1947... Read more