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Books on amateur radio.

Welcome to the Online Books on amateur radio store of Radioworld, This is the home of amateur radio books and publications from various authors all around the world, Books on radio communications, Antennas design, Propagation and more,

The Space Radio Handbook 1st Ed. 1991

The Space Radio Handbook 1st Ed. 1991 By John Branegan, GM4IHJ. This book shows you the exciting world of space radio, what equipment you need, and information on meteor scatter, moonbounce, satellites and simple radio astronomy. A valuable featu... Read more

25 Simple Tropical and MW Band Aerials by E.M.NOLL

This handbook describes how to build 25 simple and inexpensive aerials for operation on the medium-wave broadcast band (550-1600 kHz) and on the 49, 60, 75, 90 and 120 metre tropical bands. Information is also given on band details, directivity, t... Read more