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Buddipole HF portable antenna
Buddipole Coil Set
£74.95 (£62.46 exc. VAT)
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Product code:W3-CS
Brand:Buddipole HF portable antenna

These coils come standard with our Buddipole, Buddistick, and mini-Buddipole antennas. The high-Q design and low-loss dielectric material combine to create a high-performance yet extremely durable coil designed for years of outdoor use.

Each coil has 3 recessed channels which allow for nearly a hundred tapping options. Our custom-machined coil clips seat snugly on the 18awg wire turns. For the buddipole, each coil is pre-marked in various colors which correspond to the amateur bands of 10m - 40m (7 bands) (see reference chart under documentation).

Coils can be ordered in sets or individually.

Please Note: Coils are not provided with coil clips.