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Buddipole HF portable antenna

Welcome to the Buddipole HF portable antenna USA Antenna page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Antennas forum Like portable hf antennas, Hf loops are here for future reference. Amateur radio Antenna sold here, We update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in antenna design. High quality USA Made Antennas, Ideal for all parts of the ham radio world.HF portable dipole antenna system, home of the Buddipole an hf/vhf portable dipole antenna system which is designed to maximise gain with portability, ‎Buddipole, Deluxe Package - ‎Antenna Accessories - ‎Accessories - ‎For Buddipole.

Deluxe Buddipole Package - Long Version

The Deluxe Buddipole Package - Long Version, This package features our long mast which extends to 18' in height (19' when mounted in tripod). The additional height is ideal for operators who are looking to increase antenna height above ground to i... Read more

The Buddipole Deluxe Antenna Package

The Buddipole Deluxe Package includes everything you need for setting up an efficient portable antenna solution anywhere in the world in just a few minutes. The package includes the following custom components which all fit into the padded cordura... Read more

Mini-Buddipole Portable Antenna

The Mini-Buddipole Portable Antenna, By popular demand we've taken the standard Buddipole™ and made it more compact. Now you can get the same quality and performance as the standard Buddipole™ in a compact package that measures only 13" in len... Read more

Buddipole PowerPlus DC Power Management System

Buddipole PowerPlus DC Power Management System , POWERplus is a remarkably compact, high power DC power system specifically designed for radio communications. It is a highly integrated product combining the function of a 12 VDC Uninterruptible Pow... Read more

The Buddipole Portable Antenna Dipole Kit 40-2m...

The Buddipole W3-BP is a shortened dipole, shortened by means of high 'Q' loading coils. A purposed made balun is used to feed the system via the supplied 8m of 50 Ohm coax cable. The whole assembly plugs into the centre fed T-piece. The T-piece a... Read more

Buddistick Deluxe Vertical Antenna Package

Designed as a multi-band, portable antenna for 40m - 10m, the Buddistick™ is an excellent performer with any rig up to 250 watts. It works exceptionally well with the Yaesu FT 817, Elecraft KX3, K2 and KX1, IC 703 and other QRP rigs.The Buddisti... Read more

Buddistick Portable Antenna Kit 7 - 54MHz 250W

Designed as a multi-band, portable antenna for 40m - 10m, the Buddistick™ is an excellent performer with any rig up to 250 watts. It works exceptionally well with the FT 817, Elecraft K2 and KX1, IC 703 and other QRP rigs. The Buddistick comes ... Read more

PowerMini Power Management system

The POWERmini is described as a DC Power Management System, but what is that?Most Amateur Radio gear is designed to be operated directly from a 12V DC power source. For a radio with 100W output that amounts to an input current around 25A. That pro... Read more

Buddipole Ultimate Tripod

We looked long and hard for the ultimate Buddipole tripod that was strong enough to handle all types of conditions. We have these tripods custom made in the USA out of black anodized 6061 aluminum and they are as rugged as they are good looking. T... Read more

Buddipole Rigid Shock-cord Adjustable Whip

The Rigid Series Shock-cord Adjustable Whip Antennas build on the success of our standard shock-cord whips that have been in field use for over 8 years. The new Rigid Series utilizes larger tubing diameters and adjustable base and top elements to ... Read more

Buddipole Low Band Coil

These are the new low band coils which perform on frequencies to 3.5 mhz. These coils are best utilized for medium DX contacts in a vertical configuration with single sloping counterpoise. Our counterpoise kit (see drop down box below) includes 66... Read more

Buddipole Triple Ratio Switch Balun (TRSB)

The TRSB operates from 1.8 to 30 MHz at power levels up to 100 watts. Overall size is approximately 4.5" L x 3.1" W x 1.5" H and weight is 6.8 Oz's.The TRSB comes with BNC female connectors on both ends. Included with the balun is an adapter with ... Read more

Buddipole Shockcord Mast

We love using this mast in the field with both the Buddistick and Buddipole antennas. The mast goes together like a tent pole and each section is 'keyed' to lock it into place and prevent twisting. We use a super heavy duty shock cord that is repl... Read more

Buddipole Mast for Buddipole Antenna

Buddipole Mast - Small or Large- The same company that makes our Buddipole™ tripod also makes this mast for us exactly to our specifications. We then affix a custom machined adapter to thread seamlessly into the center tee of the Buddipole™. W... Read more

Buddipole Coil Set

These coils come standard with our Buddipole, Buddistick, and mini-Buddipole antennas. The high-Q design and low-loss dielectric material combine to create a high-performance yet extremely durable coil designed for years of outdoor use.Each coil h... Read more

Buddipole W3-CAP Buddipole Folding Capacity Hat

The folding capacity hat is a lightweight and simple way to add efficiency and bandwidth to your Buddistick, VersaTee Vertical, or Buddipole antenna system. Each of 5 spring-loaded elements folds and locks securely into place. A perimeter wire is ... Read more

Buddipole 6 Metre Yagi Kit

The 6 Metre Yagi Kit will allow you to construct a 2-element Yagi antenna when added to a Buddipole Package (you will need one additional telescopic whip as well). Please see the manual in the "documentation" link on the left side navigation panel... Read more

Buddipole VersaTee

The new Buddipole VersaTee™ is truly a revolution in design for any type of portable dipole. Manufactured from a custom-made injection mold with fiberglass reinforced materials which are UV resistant, the VersaTee is built rugged and made to wit... Read more

Buddipole Mini Shockcord Whip

The Mini Series Shock Cord Adjustable Whip Antennas build on the success of our standard shock-cord whips that have been in field use for over 8 years. The new Mini Series utilizes the same tubing diameters as our lightweight series shock cord whi... Read more

Solar Battery Charge Controller

This Charge Controller is intended for Field Use with a Solar Panel and a lead acid or A123 Lithium Iron battery pack. Lithium batteries should be periodically charged with a balancing charger to insure that proper balance is maintained. This Sola... Read more

Buddipole Rotating Arm Kit

The Buddipole Rotating Arm Kit, Our rotating arms allow the operator to change configurations of the Buddipole™ very quickly. It's a kit for experimenters...for those of you who want to see, for example, if an L-shape or sloper is better than a ... Read more

Buddipole Mounting Kit

This is the mounting kit that comes standard with our Buddistick antennas. The single radial wire is 33' in length. Read more

Buddipole Lightweight Shock-cord Whip Antenna

These shock-cord whips are custom made by us to be extremely rugged yet lightweight. These are the same whips that we sell to our military customers who are using these in harsh conditions and need a reliable and quickly deployable solution.Materi... Read more

Buddipole Mast Guying Kit

Our mast guying kit includes a 2" wide velcro strap which can be attached above any of the collar locks on our masts. Using the snap-hooks on the end of our dacron cord, you can attach to any of the 3 loops at the bottom of the velcro strap. Then ... Read more