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Buddipole HF portable antenna
Buddipole Shockcord Mast
Buddipole HF portable antenna
Buddipole Shockcord Mast
£88.94 (£74.12 exc. VAT)
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Product code:W3-SCM-S
Brand:Buddipole HF portable antenna

We love using this mast in the field with both the Buddistick and Buddipole antennas. The mast goes together like a tent pole and each section is 'keyed' to lock it into place and prevent twisting. We use a super heavy duty shock cord that is replaceable with the use of a hex wrench (provided).

Setting up the mast with no supports available is easy using guy lines. Our guying kit (see 'accessories' section) is perfect for this task.

Dimensions for the short mast are 13" (33 centimeters) when collapsed and approximately 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall when extended. The SC Mast fits into the Buddistick or Mini-Buddipole portfolio bags along with all the antenna parts.

We also have a long version that collapses to 23" (58 cm) and extends to nearly 11' (3.3 meters) in length. This version is the same length as our standard Buddipole antenna.

Included is one large stretch velcro strap which can be used as strain relief or to secure the mast to a railing or fence post. Also included is a ballistic cloth bag to protect the mast.