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Butternut antennas

We Stock the Butternut Range Of Vertical Antennas, Beams And other products from Butternut Antennas, If You want an Vertical to Last In the high winds look know further than Butternut Antennas, Used By The world dxpeditions, 80-10 meters antennas, Butterfly beams too,

Q-Base Matching Coil For Butternut HF2V/HF6V/HF9V

Butternut Antenna Replacement Parts 290-09, Genuine Butternut part! Read more

Butternut Antenna Replacement 75 Ohm Coaxial Ma...

Manufacturer's Part Number:290-08Part Type:HF Vertical Antenna Replacement PartsProduct Line:Butternut Antenna Replacement PartsHF Vertical Antenna Replacement Part Type:Coaxial matchNotes:Direct replacement as used on the Butternut Vertical Anten... Read more

Butternut Top Loading Kits TLK For HF2V

Butternut top loading kits for HF2V vertical antennas increase bandwidth on the 80 and 160 meter bands. They're a great way to add versatility to your Butternut antenna. Read more

Butternut GRK Ground Radial Kit

Ground Radial Kit complete radial kit for ground mounted HF-2V, HF-6V or HF-9V antennas. Read more

STR-II Butternut Resonant Radial Kit

STR-II Butternut Resonant Radial Kit Resonant Radial Kit for above ground mountinghttp://www.bencher.com/pdfs/00239IZV.pdf Read more

HF-2V Butternut 2-Band HF Vertical Antenna

The HF-2V Butternut 2-Band HF Vertical antenna, Operate on 80 and 40m using the famous Butternut HF-2V vertical antenna. All 9.85m (32ft) of the HF-2V are active on both bands, maximizing efficiency.Rated at the legal power on both bands. The feed... Read more

HF-6V Butternut 6-band HF Vertical Antenna

Butternut HF-6V vertical antenna operates on six bands: 80 to 10m. This efficient antenna has a vertical radiator of only 7.9m (26ft). The HF-6V is rated at 2.0kW on 80, 40, 20, 15 & 10m and 500W on 30m.The feed point impedance is a nominal 50... Read more

Butternut HF-5B Compact Butterfly 2 element Beam

The Butternut Compact Butterfly 2 element Beam Five popular bands from a lightweight butterfly 2 element beam antenna. Ideal where space is limited, the HF5B provides up to 3dB (5.2dBi) gain on 20m, up to 5dB (7.2dBi) on 15, 12 & 10m. Operates... Read more

Butternut HF-9V 9-Band HF Vertical Antenna

Butternut HF-9V vertical antenna operates on nine bands 80m through 6m with single, highly efficient vertical radiator of only 7.9m (26ft). The HF-9V-X is rated to full legal limit on all bands. The feed point impedance is a nominal 50 Ohms, matc... Read more