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cb radio Transceivers

Welcome to the CB radio Transceivers page. Here, you'll find links for CB Radio equipment covering 27 MHz. In addition, specific models mentioned in the CB Radio forum Like cobra CB radios, tti, president to name a few, we sell cb radio Transceivers For AM-FM-SSB, for your all your cb radio gear and more are here for future reference. CB Radio is used on 27 mhz am/fm/ssb.CB Radio Transceivers can now be used on ssb in the uk. Give us a call,

Stabo XM-5006e-R Mobile CB Transceiver 12/24VDC...

FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:◾ 12V/24V operation without switching.◾ Energy-efficient 24V operation without additional heat development.◾ LC display indicating S-meter, Power-meter, Channel number.◾ ASC Automatic Squelch Control.... Read more

President JFK-2 Transceiver CB Mobile, AM/FM

6 European StandardsConfiguration EU 40CH AM 1W / FM 4WConfiguration E 40CH AM 4W / FM 4WConfiguration D 40CH AM 1W / FM 4W 80CHConfiguration EC 40CH FM 4WConfiguration U 40CH FM 4W CEPT and UK frequenciesConfiguration PL 40CH AM 4W / FM 4W, -5KHz... Read more

Superstar Force One - 10meter mobile transceiver


President Johnson II CB Radio

President Johnson II ASC CB Radio. Multi-Standard, for use in all EU countries It's always nice to see something different - and this President looks different to any other radio currently available! The front mounted speaker and large clear LCD ... Read more

Albrecht AE7500 Multi Mode CB Transceivers

Transceiver 27MHz/CB Mobile, 4W AM/4W FM/12W SSB, Multi European Standards.Electret Condenser Microphone, Connector 6-Pin.Long description: FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:AE7500CB = CB-Radio Version:* AM FM SSB, 4/4/12 Watt* All European S... Read more

President Jackson 2 (II) European Multi-Standar...

The President Jackson II is a multi-standard CB that can be used throughout the EU. It has anumber of key features one of the most definable being its Automatic Squelch Control (ASC). It also has a clarifier for clearer communication and comes wit... Read more

Albrecht AE-2990AFS - CB/SSB portable transceiver

Albrecht AE-2990AFS - CB/SSB portable transceiver Multi mode channel· Germany: 80 channel FM (4 W); 40 channel AM 1 W and SSB 4 W· EU: 40 channel AM 1 W; 40 channel FM/SSB 4 W· E: 40 channel AM/FM/SSB 4 W· PL: 40 channel AM/FM/SSB 4 W "0" Rast... Read more

Albrecht AE-485S 10m AM/FM/SSB Mobile/Base stat...

The Albrecht AE-485S 10m AM/FM/SSB Mobile/Base station transceiver. Designed for the 10m band over the range of 28.000 to 29.700MHz. It’s an ideal transceiver for either mobile or base station use. Use of the switches and buttons is straight for... Read more

President Grant II Multi-standard (AM/FM/SSB)

Brand new multi-mode mobile CB radio, the President Grant II ASC Premium has 40ch UK FM and 40 (CEPT) FM channels NOW and offers AM/FM/SSB modes which are now fully legal to use in the UK. This "Premium" version has improved receiver performance ... Read more

SUPERSTAR 3900 RED Transceiver CB Mobile, CB/10...

FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:CONTROLS AND INDICATORS:A. CONTROL FUNCTIONS1. OFF/ON/VOLUME (inner dual concentric).2. SQUELCH (outer dual concentric).3. MIC GAIN (inner dual concentric).4. RF GAIN CONTROL (outer dual concentric).5. SWR CA... Read more


The Intek HR5500 is a fully featured HF transceiver with latest  5th generation programming software capabilities via a Windows PC. Inside the sleak black design is an impressive array of features, including: 40w FM/SSB output (12w AM), dual... Read more

DX-5000 K-PO - AM/FM/SSB 10/11 Meter Mobile Ama...

DX-5000 K-PO - AM/FM/SSB 10/11 Meter Mobile ham Transceiver Specification:28-30 MHz frequency range (expandable by software 25.615-30.105 MHz for export purposes) Modes AM / FM / LSB / USB / CW / PA Transmit power AM / FM / CW: 12W SSB: 21 W (PEP... Read more

President Harry 3 ASC

The President Harry 3 ASC, Transceiver CB Mobile, Multi (7) European Standards, ASC, CONTROLS FUNCTIONS: 40 AM/FM channels, 6 European standards, Volume with power ON/OFF control, Manual and automatic squelch (ASC) Multi-functions LCD display, RF ... Read more

President Walker - CB Radio

The President Walker CB radio is capable of switching to 18 European countries. The many features include: Channel 9/19 switch. PA facility Noise Blanker RF Gain Mic Gain Up/Down mic control ASC Automatic Squelch Control Dimensions: 160(L) ... Read more

President Randy II Portable All European UK40 h...

The President Randy II Portable All European + UK40 handheld CB radio President's new portable CB radio with AM/FM channels and special features such as automatic squelch, S-meter and ANL filter. This handheld radio provides you flexibility and ad... Read more


The SUPERSTAR SS6900 10M BAND TRANSCEIVER (PC PROGRAMMABLE)The latest arrival from Superstar, the SS6900 is a 10M band multimode transceiver that is PC programmable to give expanded frequency range and customised features. Although this transceive... Read more

K-PO HR-2800 - AM/FM 10-meter mobile amateur tr...

K-PO HR-2800 - AM/FM 10-meter mobile amateur transceiver General: Frequency range: 28.000-29.700 MHz HF 10 Meter Band Operating modes:FM-AM Frequency control: P.L.L. Operating temperature: -10°/+55°C DC input voltage : 12.0VDC(minimu... Read more

Alinco DR-135UK 25.000-29.90 MHz (programmable)

The Alinco DR-135UK is a really great value 28 MHz (10m) all mode AM/FM/SSB mobile transceiver from Alinco. Work the world on this amazing band, makes the perfect mobile station or add a suitable power supply and use at home.With high Solar Flux a... Read more


The TCB-R2000 is the new flagship model in the TTI CB range and is probably the most technologically advanced CB radio available on the market today. It is packed full of new and innovative features and is supplied as three main components allowin... Read more

Cobra 29 LX EU MULTI CB Radio

The Cobra 29 LX features a modern aesthetic design with a selectable LCD colour display in red, green, blue, or amber to complement the interior of any cab.The display also has customizable night and day settings to enhance readability in both ver... Read more

Cobra 75 ST EU | CB 27 MHz AM/FM Mobile Transce...

The Cobra 75 is a Multi-Standard CB radio with remote hand control and "hide-away" black box. Ideal for easy and discreet installation in the vehicle.The black box can easily be stored under the car seat, in the footwell or with extension cable (o... Read more

Lafayette Evolution CB Radio

The Lafayette Evolution is a fully featured Multi-Chanel CB Radio which is customisble by changing the front panel and knobs, there are 2 sets of knobs and 3 front panels included in the box. It is fully DIN-mountable using the included bracket an... Read more

Albrecht AE6790 Multi Channel CB Radio

The Albrecht AE6790 CB Radio has a small design but with a large LCD display so you can easily see the channel/frequency and functions at glance. Cheap easy to use cb radio. Read more

Midland 248 XL HIGH POWER CB Radio

The new 248 XL Multi band rig is feature rich and the very latest offering from Midland.This is the successor to the famous Midland 48 Excel Multi CB Radio.It has a blue back-lit LCD display along with a blue signal meter and blue surrounds for ea... Read more

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