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CB Radio Transceivers

Welcome to the CB radio Transceivers page. Here, you'll find links for CB Radio equipment covering 27 MHz. In addition, specific models mentioned in the CB Radio forum Like cobra CB radios, tti, president to name a few, we sell cb radio Transceivers For AM-FM-SSB, for your all your cb radio gear and more are here for future reference. CB Radio is used on 27 mhz am/fm/ssb.CB Radio Transceivers can now be used on ssb in the uk. Give us a call,

Intek H-512plus - handheld CB transceiver

The Intek H 512 Plus is a multi standard programmable CB mobile transceiver covering 10 bands.The H512 is an extremely compact CB hand held. It runs on 6 x AA batteries so can be used in or out of your vehicle. It also has a 2 level power output(1... Read more

President TEDDY - ASC Multi channel mobile cb

President TEDDY - ASC Multi channel mobile cbLatest compact mobile CB from President, the President Teddy has been designed to compete with lower priced radios yet still maintain the high standard that you expect from President!Features:ASC (Auto... Read more

Thunder pole T-3000 CB radio with a front speaker

The Thunder pole T-3000 CB radio is a unique CB radio with a front speaker design that can be mounted almost anywhere. If you want a versatile CB radio that performs extremely well and also has user friendly features such as a large 7 color dimmi... Read more

TTI TCB-H100 Handheld CB FM AM UK Radio

TTI TCB-H100 Handheld CB FM AM UK Radio, A multi-standard compact CB handheld covering the UK and all EU bands, it operates on FM in the UK and AM/FM on the EU band.The radio has a robust feel to it and is supplied complete with a high capacity (... Read more

Midland Alan 48 Plus Multi Standard CB Radio

The Midland 48 Plus Multi incorporates a vast array of features that makes it ideal for a wide range of mobile and static site applications. The Midland 48 Plus Multi is 12V operation. This product, with its 'multi-band' functionality, is ideal fo... Read more

Lafayette Zeus pro cb radio multi

The Lafayette Zeus pro cb multi Automatic squelch system, or normal squelch. The automatic squelch can be activated with a button on the facia but also by a button on the microphone. High quality rotary controls for volume, squelch and channel cha... Read more

Team RoadCom T50 CB

Team RoadCom T50 CB. This is aCB radio which is different to all the others - the first UK CB designed to fit "in-dash" in a standard car radio size hole! Dual voltage (12/24V), switchable blue/amber backlit display and a whole host of other featu... Read more

TTI TCB-881N 12/24V Multi-Standard Mobile CB Radio

The TTI TCB-881 boasts the same features as its predeccessor, the TCB-880, and will also run on 12/24V DC. It also uses the Dynamic Squelch System (DSS) for a much clearer audio experience. A multi-standard mobile CB radio for UK and EU bands, it ... Read more

Intek M-899 VOX - multi channel CB radio

Intek M-899 VOX - multi channel CB radioThe Intek M 899 VOX is a a unique multi channel CB radio with 3 operating modes to improve driver safey.In transmit mode, radio can be operated in three different ways : - PTT mode with the standard micropho... Read more

Intek M-550 8-Band, 80 channel CB Radio 12w output

The Intek M-550 is a80 channel mobile cb radio with some greatfeatures, like the optional "echo" board, which is a simple plug in unit that can be then switched on and off as needed. The radio is also programmable to cover most European countries,... Read more

Team MX-8 CB Transceiver

The Team MX 8 CB is a modern UK/EU 80 channel CB radio that operates on 12 or 24 Volts. It has stylish chrome knobs and a large Blue/Amber Backlit LCD with Scrolling Text.It is compact but contains all the features you might need, including:- Scan... Read more


The President Truman is a state of the art budget range CB radio including Multi-Standard frequencies for travelling accross Europe. It has been designed to be a very simple to operate radio but without compromise on the quality expected from a Pr... Read more

Midland ALAN 42 DS MULTI Multi Channel CB Handheld

Midland presents the new version of the ALAN 42 modelThe portable CB transceiver ALAN 42 DS.It is equipped with digital squelch and ANL filters and Noise Blanker that eliminate disturbances caused by external sources or by the vehicle. ALAN 42DS m... Read more

Lafayette Urano handheld cb radio

Lafayette URANO, HANDHELD CB TRANSCEIVER 40 CHANNEL AM / FMMultistandardAuto Squelch (ASCP).Large multi-function LCD display with backlight.Channel display or relative frequency.Channel selector switch Up / Down.S-Meter.Scan function.Roger Beep.Du... Read more

Midland 248 XL HIGH POWER CB Radio

The new 248 XL Multi band rig is feature rich and the very latest offering from Midland.This is the successor to the famous Midland 48 Excel Multi CB Radio.It has a blue back-lit LCD display along with a blue signal meter and blue surrounds for ea... Read more

Lafayette Evolution CB Radio

The Lafayette Evolution is a fully featured Multi-Chanel CB Radio which is customisble by changing the front panel and knobs, there are 2 sets of knobs and 3 front panels included in the box. It is fully DIN-mountable using the included bracket an... Read more

Cobra 75 ST EU | CB 27 MHz AM/FM Mobile Transce...

The Cobra 75 is a Multi-Standard CB radio with remote hand control and "hide-away" black box. Ideal for easy and discreet installation in the vehicle.The black box can easily be stored under the car seat, in the footwell or with extension cable (o... Read more

TTI TCB-1100 Multi-Standard CB Radio With Front...

The TCB-1100 is TTI's flagship CB radio. It comes complete with a DIN mount, front speaker, and changable backlight colours. There are also many other features that are to CB radios, such as tone & compander selection, and frequency readouts t... Read more

K-PO PANTHER Multi Channel CB Handheld

K-PO Panthe HANDHELD CB TRANSCEIVER 40 CHANNEL AM / FMMulti standard, Squelch 6 levels. Large multi-function LCD display with back light.Channel display or relative frequency. Channel selector switch Up / Down.S-Meter. Scan function. Roger Beep. D... Read more


The TCB-R2000 is the new flagship model in the TTI CB range and is probably the most technologically advanced CB radio available on the market today. It is packed full of new and innovative features and is supplied as three main components allowin... Read more

Albrecht AE6790 Multi Channel CB Radio

The Albrecht AE6790 CB Radio has a small design but with a large LCD display so you can easily see the channel/frequency and functions at glance. Cheap easy to use cb radio. Read more

K-PO HR-2800 - AM/FM 10-meter mobile amateur tr...

K-PO HR-2800 - AM/FM 10-meter mobile amateur transceiverGeneral: Frequency range: 28.000-29.700 MHz HF 10 Meter Band Operating modes:FM-AM Frequency control: P.L.L. Operating temperature: -10°/+55°C DC input voltage : 12.0VDC(minimum) to 32.0VDC... Read more


The SUPERSTAR SS6900 10M BAND TRANSCEIVER (PC PROGRAMMABLE) The latest arrival from Superstar, the SS6900 is a 10M band multimode transceiver that is PC programmable to give expanded frequency range and customised features. Although this transceiv... Read more

Albrecht AE-6690 Multi-region mobile CB radio

The Latest CB Radio with CTCSS Sub Tones, The re-emergence of CB as a useful tool for business communication is being proved by demand and interest for the all new Albrecht AE6690. Europe's first Multiband radio with CTCSS. This fantastic little r... Read more