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Chameleon Antenna
CHA P-LOOP Portable HF Antenna Covering 6.0 MHz to 30.0 MHz
Chameleon Antenna
CHA P-LOOP Portable HF Antenna Covering 6.0 MHz to 30.0 MHz
£435.50 (£362.92 exc. VAT)
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Product code:P-LOOP
Brand:Chameleon Antenna

The CHA P-LOOP was designed with portability, ease of use simplicity, ruggedness and high performance in mind. Unlike any other similar antennas on the market, the CHA P-LOOP is made with premium materials that are precisely manufactured and assembled at our Southern California shop - 100% USA Made!


6.0 MHz to 30.0 MHz (40 - 10 meter ham bands)

Power handling: 10W CW or 25W SSB

Proprietary solderless aluminum Faraday coupling loop. This coupling loop design can be used with any types of coax cable feed-lines. Because of its rigidity, the antenna tuning will remain stable, consistent and will prevent SWR fluctuations due to usual coupling loop deformation.

The three sections collapsible portable mast allows easy storage, fast deployment and ease of use in all conditions. No need to play with multiple tubular PVC sections to assemble the antenna.

The rubberized handle at the bottom insures a great antenna grip and an easy thumb tuning when operating the antenna handheld.

The bottom of the telescopic mast is equipped with 1/4-20 threaded hole for easy tripod installation.

The provided stainless steel coupling adapter (1/4”-20 to 3/8”-24) allow the operator to assemble the antenna on a CHA JAWMOUNT (or any standard antenna mount equipped with a 3/8”-24 thread) for quick field deployment.

The 12’ RG-58 with integrated RFI choke feed-line decouples the Faraday coupling loop from the radio which is essential to prevent SWR fluctuation while rotating the antenna or moving the coax cable around.

Our custom made capacitors which are equipped with a 6:1 reducer, offer a smooth and consistent tuning while providing the highest efficient performance on the market.

The cotton canvas classic military messenger bag offers easy storage, transportation and protection for the unit.

The CHA P-LOOP comes with the following:

1 X CHA P-LOOP tuning box

1 X Stainless Steel Adapter (1/4”-20 to 3/8”-24)

1 X LMR-400 coax cable radiator

1 X 12’ with integrated RFI choke feed-line

1 X 100% Cotton canvas classic military messenger bag

1 X Proprietary Faraday coupling loop

1 X User guide