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Chameleon Antenna

We Stock the Range Of The Chameleon Antennas are made with the finest material available. They can be used for multiple purposes such as Mobile, Portable, Base station, Marine, EMCOMM, MARS/CAP, ARES, SATERN, RACES, First Responders, Emergency Preparedness, Skywarn, Military & Government communications and much more.,

Chameleon Antennas CHA TD (Tactical Dipole) Ant...

The Chameleon Antennas CHA TD (Tactical Dipole) Antenna has been designed as an ADD-ON for the CHA EMCOMM II. The CHA TD is a HF broadband antenna specially designed for portable HF communication where rapid deployment and simplicity of operation ... Read more

CHA P-LOOP Portable HF Antenna Covering 6.0 MHz...

The CHA P-LOOP was designed with portability, ease of use simplicity, ruggedness and high performance in mind. Unlike any other similar antennas on the market, the CHA P-LOOP is made with premium materials that are precisely manufactured and assem... Read more

Chameleon F-Loop Portable HF Loop Antenna 3.5-2...

(Now Covering 3.5-29.7 MHz - 80M Conversion Kit Included!)The F-LOOP was designed with weight, durability, portability, versatility and cost in mind. The unique craftsmanship of the CHA F-LOOP distinguishes itself from the competition. The antenna... Read more

CHA MPAS - Modular Portable Antenna System

The Modular Portable Antenna System is a concept allowing the radio operator to configure and deploy the antenna system in a variety of configurations. Some of the possible deployment configurations:• Vertical• Horizontal• Sloper• Inverted... Read more

Chameleon Remote Tuning Unit For the F Loop Ant...

Chameleon Remote Tuning Unit For the F Loop Antenna, Specifications: Weight: 3.5 Lb. Compatible with CHA F-LOOP and CHA F-LOOP Plus Powered with a 9V battery located in the handheld remote control Use standard flat phone cable to power the unit (2... Read more

CHA HYBRID Vehicular HF Antenna Base 1.8-54 MHz

The CHA HYBRID Base is designed to enhance the capabilities of the common HF radio application by allowing faster tuning operation across the HF bands including MARS/CAP frequencies. This antenna base has an integral broadband impedance matching n... Read more

CHA HYBRID MICRO Portable HF Antenna Base 1.8-5...

The CHA HYBRID-MICRO is a lightweight highly portable broadband antenna system designed to offer maximum portability and performance. The antenna weights about 1 lb.The antenna will operate at all frequencies in the 1.8-54 MHz band without any adj... Read more

CHA HYBRID-MINI BASE Frequency: 6M - 160M

The CHA HYBRID-MINI Base is the portable version of the regular HYBRID. The unit can be differentiated by the colour of the lid and the base connector, which is black instead of grey. The HYBRID-MINI is also smaller and about 50% lighter than the ... Read more

High Efficiency Radiator Loop Add on for F-LOOP...

High Efficiency Radiator Loop Add on for F-LOOP Antenna,The optional 36” diameter collapsible loop radiator is made of 1” aluminum pipe. Each joints of the collapsible loop are made of high tolerance aluminum connectors that minimize RF losses... Read more

CHA SKYLOOP Base HF Wire Antenna 3.0-54 MHz

The CHA SKYLOOP is a 250' (14 gauge) full wave loop antenna cut for 80M. A yard of at least 60' X 60' will be required to install and support the antenna properly.With the help of an antenna tuner the CHA SKYLOOP will cover all the bands between 8... Read more

Chameleon Tactical Dipole Portable Wire HF Ante...

The CHA TD LITE (Tactical Dipole LITE) is a HF broadband antenna specially designed for portable HF communication where rapid deployment and simplicity of operation is essential but compactness is primordial.The antenna will operate at all frequen... Read more

Chameleon Antenna CHA 40 HF Portable Windom Wir...

The CHA WINDOM 40 antenna is designed for 40m, 20m & 10m. A tuner may be needed to tune the other bands between 80M and 6M. Power handling is 250W SSB. Built with the portable user in mind. Very light weight. Does not require an antenna tuner ... Read more

Chameleon Military Whip Extension

The CHA MIL EXT whip has been designed to offer maximum portability and performance for those already using the portable CHA MIL whip for man-pack antenna system.This collapsible antenna extension needs to be used with the CHA MIL to create a 17... Read more

Chameleon FT-817 Portable Rack Mount

The Chameleon FT-817 Portable Rack Mount, WEIGHT: 1 Lb. DIMENSIONS: 9” X 5” 3/4 X 2” MATERIALS: ALUMINUM ANODIZED AND STAINLESS STEEL, Comes with two-point sling. Read more

CHA V2L Vehicular HF Antenna 3.5-30 MHz

The CHA V2L is a rugged multiband HF antenna designed for smaller vehicle. The antenna must be used in conjunction with either the CHA HYBRID or the CHA HYBRID-MINI to perform adequately. An external antenna tuner is also required.A 6’8” whip ... Read more

CHA V1L antenna is a rugged multiband HF mobile...

The CHA V1L antenna is a rugged multiband HF mobile antenna that can be erected in a minimum of time and space. The antenna must be used in conjunction with either the CHA HYBRID or the CHA HYBRID-MINI to perform adequately. An external antenna tu... Read more

CHA EMCOMM II Wire Antenna

The CHA EMCOMM II Antenna has been specially designed for backup emergency HF system or permanent installation. The integral broadband impedance matching network (transformer 5:1) allows broadband antenna tuning.It is the perfect backup antenna fo... Read more

Chameleon CHA 250? WIRE PTFE

This wire is specially made for us. The CHA PTFE wire is used in high temperature electronic applications or where abrasion resistance is required. It has excellent thermal aging, solder damage, flame, and moisture resistance. PTFE resists solvent... Read more

CHA DIY Magnetic Loop Starter Kit


CHA Military Portable Whip HF Antenna 28-54 MHz

The CHA MIL whip is a broadband monopole antenna designed for portable or manpack radios requiring compact but rugged antenna systems.If used in a stand-alone setup the antenna will cover 28-54 MHz with an external antenna tuner. To enhance RF pro... Read more

CHA Power Compensator

The CHA PC (Power Compensator) is built exclusively by Chameleon Antenna and increases the power handling capability of all Chameleon Antenna magnetic loop antennas by about 2 1⁄2 times. It will also work with other brands of magnetic loop anten... Read more

CHA CAP-HAT (Capacitance Hat)

The CHA CAP-HAT (Capacitance Hat) For use with ANY antennas with 3/8" x 24 threads.Need to be installed between the two sections of a CHA V1, CHA V1L, CHA V2L.Base Station or Portable ONLY. Made of Aluminium Anodized 32" Diameter Ultra-Light, Incr... Read more

Counterpoise Kit for Chameleon Antennas

The counterpoises kit is ideal for portable antenna deployment. The system will create the ground-plane needed to any vertical antennas and will also play the role of guy wires.The kit contains the following:4 X Radials 25' Long secured around pla... Read more

Chameleon Heavy duty antenna tripod

The Chameleon Antenna heavy duty antenna tripod, This heavy duty antenna tripod can hold equipment up to 15.4lbs. Compact and light weight, weighing 5.5lbs, this 10FT tripod will give you years of service.Made of Cold-Worked Carbon with specia... Read more