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Ciro Mazzoni loops

For over 40 years, Ciro Mazzoni is the reference point for the radio in the northeast producing systems and infrastructures for professionals, defense and relief agencies. The Ciro Mazzoni is a global supplier of systems radiocomunicazioni professional PMR , data transmission, broadband and broadcast. The company's mission is to provide systems innovative and turnkey services, from design to construction and maintenance, interpreting and materializing the real needs of the customer. For over 15 years, Ciro Mazzoni is partner certificate of MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and evolving commercial satisfying the technical requirements required.

Ciro Mazzoni MIDI Loop

Continuous coverage from 3.5MHz to 14.5MHz, Midsize antenna, ideal for 80m up to 20m with continuous covering, manufactured on a stable aluminium reed with a diameter of 75mm (ca. 3 inch). Loop diameter is 2m (ca. 78 inch), can be mounted without ... Read more

Ciro Mazzoni Baby Loop MK2 Latest version

The smallest and most popular selling loop-antenna. Diameter is only 1m (ca. 38 inch). For this antenna space is not a problem: on the balcony, on the roof. The gapless frequency-range is 6,9 up to 29,7 MHz. It comes ready to use with mast clamp.O... Read more

Ciro Stealth Magnetic Loop

THE STEALTH LOOP is a small HF antenna with continuous coverage from 40 to 10 m.No installation is needed: you can put THE STEALTH LOOP on the ground, on a balcony, on a table, on the roof of your stationary car, etc.No pole is required. We create... Read more

Ciro Mazzoni 2.0 Antenna Controller - new V2 Ve...

Ciro Mazzoni 2.0 V2 Antenna Controller with the I/O RS232 interface (option) ,that allows direct tuning from the transceiver. No more need to insert the frequency on the keyboard of the ATU!!! At the moment available for Icom and 32-bit ... Read more

Ciro Mazzoni RS-232 Interface For the ATU 2.0 ...

Support Optional RS485 (with I/RS232) you can control your new Ciro Baby or Midi Loop via either a Yaesu or Icom transceiver. As you change bands the loops follows automatically, no need to enter the frequency used via the keypad. Read more