Ciro Mazzoni Baby Loop
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Ciro Mazzoni loops

Ciro Mazzoni Baby Loop MK2 Latest version - most popular selling loop-antenna - Magnetic Loops because of their extreme compact size.

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The smallest and most popular selling loop-antenna. Diameter is only 1m (ca. 38 inch). For this antenna space is not a problem: on the balcony, on the roof. The gapless frequency-range is 6,9 up to 29,7 MHz's It comes ready to use with mast clamp.


Over the years manufacturers and indeed home brewers have been trying to make reliable Magnetic Loops because of their extreme compact size, frequency range and immunity to noise.

Finally, an Italian manufacturer Ciro Mazzoni has perfected the design and is able to offer two versions covering the entire 80m-10m range built to ultra-professional standards.

Ciro Mazzoni loops are made of pure aluminium and even the Baby-Loop uses 50mm ( 2 inch) diameter of tubing. Because of the large surface area, there is less loss of gain and both ends are welded onto the socket, with zero screw connections so no contact resistance.

The tuning capacitor on both loops is not a simple variable capacitor but a huge variable plate capacitor fabricated out of aluminium, with an air-dielectric. Both plates are also welded directly to the loop and are virtually indestructible on high power. The distance between the plates is 14mm (ca. 1/2 inch) on the smallest Baby-Loop antenna.

A weather resistant actuator opens or closes the loop and thus tunes the plate capacitor (SWR tuning).

Capacitance can be varied by the motor and can be adjusted to achieve best SWR via a control unit in your shack. In spite of their compact size, the antennas are resonant in a wide frequency-range - do you know of any antenna which has a diameter of just one meter (ca. 38 inch) but a frequency range of 40m-10m without gaps?? Check out the new Baby & Midi-Loops from Ciro-Mazzoni.

The automatic control unit has a tuning circuit installed and is operated via a small keypad: just enter the desired frequency, wait a few seconds for automatic tuning of the antenna and go. No trying, no lost notes on settings, no checking with the SWR meter. The current frequency and SWR is shown on the LCD display. Maximum power load is 250W continuous with the automatic control unit.

Mechanical Spec:

Loop Diameter: 1m

Weight: 16Kg

Tube Diameter: 50mm

Wind Exposure: 0.25mq

Mast Diameter: From 48mm to 60mm

Material: Alluminium

Electrical Spec:

Front Gain: 6db

Side Gain: 25db

VSWR: 1.3:1

Max Power:

450w up to 21MHz

1KW from 22MHz to 29.8MHz


50 Ohm with Gamma Match


4KHz @ 7.0MHZ

6K @ 14MHz

12KHz @ 21MHz

20KHz @ 28MHz

Efficiency (1/2 Wave):

-4db @ 7.0MHz

-0.3db @ 28Mhz

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