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Comet radio products

Welcome to the Comet Amateur Radio Antenna Page. Here, You'll Find Links for High Gain Antennas Covering Hf-vhf-uhf. In Addition, Specific Models Mentioned in the Ham Radio Forum Like Antennas,power Supply's, Antenna Tuners, Handheld-base-mobile Antennas, and More Are Here for Future Reference. Comet Amateur Radio Products Sold Here, we Update Our Stocks to Keep in Touch With Modern Improvements in Comet Product Design.

COMET TRF20 High quality inductive line filter

COMET TRF20 - High quality inductive line filter which substantially reduces or eliminates line-borne high frequency noise such as hash from switch mode power supplies or noisy vehicle supplies. Featuring heavy toroidal windings on large diameter ... Read more

COMET GP3 Dual Band Base Antenna

Buy Comet GP-3 High Gain Dual band Co-Linear combination of special power feeding and phasing coil, ensures highest gain figures for this compact base antenna. The one piece fibreglass construction assures long durability, amd full resistance to w... Read more

COMET CFX-514N, 800 Watts Triplexer for 50/144/...

A Triplexer Comet CFX 514N for transmitting and receiving all 3 bands HF/50, 144, & 433 MHz at the same time. The combined high quality filters in the CFX 514 work to prevent TVI, and the isolation between the connectors is over 55dB.Bandpass ... Read more

COMET MCB3 Tilt Up Mast Stand Base

The COMET MCB3 A high quality drive over mast support base plate. Used by many radio amateurs who park a car wheel on it for use with a beam or other antennas. When used under the jockey wheel of any caravan it makes an ideal support for your TV a... Read more

Comet CFX-431B Triplexer 1.3MHz to 1400 Mhz

Comet CFX-431B Triplexer 1.3MHz to 1400 MhzManufacturer NCG CometModel # CFX-431BProduct Description TriplexerBand Pass 1.3-150 MHz / 350-500 MHz / 840-1.4GHzInsertion Loss 0.2dB0.2dBMaximum Power (Watts) 600w PEPIsolation 45dBConnectors Output: N... Read more

COMET CA52-HB2 2 Element 50Mhz

Buy Comet CA-52HB2 is a high gain 2 element beam antenna, high quality construction from aluminium and stainless steel hardware ensures a long operating life, and it's 910g weight makes it perfect for field day and outdoor operations.Comet - CA-52... Read more

Comet CSB-7900 High performance VHF/UHF Antenna

The COMET CSB 7900 is a top of the range high performance mobile antenna, ideal where maximum range on VHF and UHF is needed. With a combination of a 7/8 wave on 2m, and 3 x 5/8th wave 70Cms, this antenna has great gain figures of 5.1dBi / 7.7dBi ... Read more

Comet UHV-4 Mobile Whip 28/50/144/430MHz 100/20...

The Coimet UHV-4 Multiband Mobile Antenna The UHV-4 combines 28/50 144/433 Mhz capability in a single antenna. 1.5:1 SWR range is narrower than single band antennas. 6m and 10m adjustments are independent of each other. 2m/70Cms are pre-tuned and ... Read more

COMET CFX431A 1Kw high power triplexer 145/433/...

The Comet CFX-431A Triplexer, for transmitting and receiving all three bands 144/433/1200 Mhz at the same time. The combined high quality filters of the CFX-431A work to prevent occurence of TVI, and the isolation between the connectors is over 50... Read more

COMET AB380 Air band Dedicated Base Antenna for...

The Comet AB-380 VHF/UHF Air band Base Receive Antenna Kit, Here is a dedicated VHF + UHF airband base antenna from Comet. The AB-380 comes complete with a 10m ready assembled lead, and a high quality fully adjustable mounting bracket, the antenna... Read more


Another new meter joins the Comet family, here we have the all new CMX400, up to 200 watts power handling on VHF/UHF 140~525Mhz. Large, clear cross needle display reads FWD/REF and SWR simultaneously, and to minimize power loss CMX-400 has a built... Read more

COMET CMX200 1.8-200MHz SWR/Power Meter 3kW Power

The COMET CMX200 SWR Power meter from Comet, the CMX-200 will cover from 1.8Mhz up to 200Mhz, and has 3 range settings 30/300/3Kw, and needs just about 6 watts minimum power for SWR measurement. PEP reading feature, and the meter has a very smart ... Read more

COMET GP6 Dual Band Base Antenna 144/433 MHz.

The Comet GP-6 High Performance Dual Band Antenna for 144Mhz and 433Mhz, A high performance base antenna using Comet's SLC-system, (super linear converter) for a low loss, high efficiency antenna. Wide band coverage means no tuning is necessary i... Read more

Comet UHV-6 Mobile Whip 7/21/28/50/145/433Mhz 1...

Design Multi-Band HF/VHF/UHF Mobile Whip * Covers 7/21/28/50/145/433Mhz as standard * Optional Coils Available for 14Mhz, 3.5Mhz, 18Mhz, * Use of Comet Duplexer, CF530/360/706/ etc, allows * multiple TX and RX at the same time * Fold Over Base for... Read more

COMET CYA-2414A 2.4Ghz WiFi 14 Element Beam Ant...

COMET CYA2414 The high gain directional pattern from this 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi beam antenna provides long range reliable point to point coverage. This antenna has a low profile and a vertically polarized construction which provides this antenna with stabi... Read more

COMET GP93 | N TYPE | VHF | UHF Base Antenna

Comet GP 93 is brand new a 3 band base colinear antenna, fibreglass construction, and the length is a comfortable 1.78m, gives great performance on 2m/70cms and 23cms. Using Comet's latest ABS joint system and heavy duty fibreglass, the GP 93 is t... Read more

COMET GP15N VHF/UHF Dual Band Base Antenna

Comet Gp-15 Tri-band 2/6/70 Fiberglass Antenna,tri-band 52/146/446mhz Gain & Wave: 52mhz 3.0dbi,5⁄8 Wave 146mhz 6.2dbi,5⁄8 Wave X 2 446mhz 8.6dbi, 5⁄8 Wave X 4 Vswr: 1.5:1 or Less,max Power: 150 Watts,length: 7' 11" ,weight: 3 Lbs. 1 Oz.... Read more

COMET TF5000 High grade current balun Frequenc...

Comet TF5000 Current Balun this is a High Grade Japanese Manufactured 50 Ohm Current Balun that will handle up to 5000 watts . It is designed to fit in the 50 ohm co-axial feed line to the antenna. It is suitable for any 50 ohm impedance antenna, ... Read more

COMET CWA1000 HF Wire Antenna 3.5-28MHz

The Comet CWA-1000 - 5 Band Dipole Wire Antenna, This a quality, high grade trapped dipole, covering the 80m, 40m,20m,15m, and the popular 10m bands. Comet have really gone to town on the construction of this antenna, it is suitable for all locat... Read more

COMET CAT10 3.5MHz - 50 QRP 10 Watt Manual ATU

Comet CAT-10 Antenna Tuner a Portable/Mobile Antenna Tuner from Comet, perfect for the ft817 operators but will cope with any transceiver up to 10watts output. •Freq. : 3.5 to 50 MHz ( in 7 bands ) •Power : 10W •Impedance : 50 – 600 ohms ... Read more

Comet CA-52HB4 Quality Portable 6 Metre (50 MHz...

The COMET CA 52-HB4 is a very high gain, twin driven 4 element beam antenna, high quality construction from aluminium and stainless steel hardware ensures a long operating life, and it's 2.1kg weight still makes it perfect for field day and outdoo... Read more

COMET GP9 High Gain VHF/UHF Base Antenna 144 &...

The COMET GP-9M High Gain Dual Band Collinear, Frequency : 144 & 433 Mhz, Gain : 144 / 8.5dBi 433 / 11.90 dBi, Impedance : 50 Ohms, V.S.W.R.: Less than 1.5, Length : 5.15m, Max Power : 200w, Weight : 2.2 kg, Available Mast : 30 - 62 mm diamete... Read more

COMET CAT300 Manual 300 Watt HF Antenna Tuner

The Comet CAT300 300 watts "antenna tuner" Another great model in the Comet range, the CAT-300 is a quality 300 watt antenna tuner which boasts 2 x antenna inputs, and a very useful frequency range of 1.8 - 60Mhz, smart illuminated cross needle d... Read more

Comet H422 4 Band Rotary V Dipole antenna

Comet H422 4 Band Rotary V Dipole antenna Newly designed High Power (1kw) 4-Band trap dipole antenna, . Can be used both straight and /or V type. When used as V type, ready to transmit from low position of 3m high from the ground. A CBL-2000, high... Read more