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AOR scanners and communications receivers
AOR AR-ONE All Mode Wide-band Rx
AOR scanners and communications receivers
AOR AR-ONE All Mode Wide-band Rx
£4,499.95 (£3,749.96 exc. VAT)
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Product code:AR-ONE
Brand:AOR scanners and communications receivers

The AOR AR-ONE this is the high performance wide band receiver from AOR with an extended frequency range of 3.3GHz. Surveillance operations are enhanced. Monitoring multiple frequencies is easier and faster, and computer control gives you maximum flexibility required these days for real-time monitoring. This will be of special interest to commercial and Government agencies. Although housed in a similar case to the AR-8600, it is NOT an AR-8600 with performance and features closer to those of the AR-5000 but offering even higher RF performance. It is designed to support computer controlled operation, and up to 99 receivers can be controlled by a single PC. It is very versatile and can be used for mobile or fixed monitoring operations.

* Frequency range: 10kHz - 3300MHz
* Monitor AM, NFM, WFM, USB, LSB, CW, DATA
* 10 VFOs * Memories 1,000 * Pass frequency: 2,000 (40 banks x 50)
* Scan/Search rate: Approx. 37ch/sec max.
* Tuning steps down to 1Hz * Ultra stable ref frequency oscillator
* Triple conversion super front end
* Stability: Accuracy of 0.1ppm from -10° - 50°C
* 10.7MHz or 455kHz BNC IF signal output
* Two RS-232 ports plus control head port
* Control up to 99 AR-ONE units with one PC
* BNC antenna socket
* Power :230V AC adaptor