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Diamond antenna

Welcome to the Diamond radio and antenna products page. Here, you'll find links for Diamond radio products for hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Amateur radio forums Like diamond antennas,power supplies , duplexers, coax switches vertical vhf-uhf antennas, hf base station antennas, and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio Diamond radio products sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in Diamond radio products design. Radioworld sell Diamond antennas HF/VHF/UHF/23cms, diamond coax switches , Diamond SWR meters, Diamond mobile mounts, Handheld antennas,

Diamond HF6CL 50MHz Monoband Mobile Antenna

6m Mono band Mobile Antenna .Fold-over hinge Specifications:Bands: 6mWatts: 250 SSB, 80 FMHeight: 86.6"Element Phasing: 1/2l RadialessConnector: UHFImpedance: 50Ω Read more

Diamond HF16CL 17m HF mobile antenna

The Diamond HF16CL 17m mobile antenna, which is designed for mobile use,But can be used anyware if you add a ground plane, Read more

Diamond 150MV VHF Marine Vertical Antenna

The Diamond 150MV VHF fiberglass marine 1/2 wave TX vertical transmits and receives between 156 MHz & 157MHz with 2.15dBi of gain. Power output of 50W and measuring 1.23m long. Fitted with an SO-239 connector. Read more

Diamond DPK-4NM-M Mag Mount With N Type Plug

The Diamond DPK-4NM-M is a low loss magnetic mount to ensure that your radios and microphones are kept sturdy and safe, Specifications: Diameter: 4", Weight: 0.99kg, Mount: N-Type, Rated 25-500 MHz. Read more

Diamond R-1: 3.6MHz Optional Radial Element for...

Freq:3.575 to 3.650MHzLength:1.8m / Weight:700g Read more

Diamond A430S10R 430-440MHz 70cm 10 el Yagi

The Diamond A430S10R Frequency 430-440 MHz,Gain 13.1dBi, Elements 10,Power 50W, Impedance 50 Ohms, Socket SO-239,Front-to-back ratio >15dB, VSWR <1.4:1 (typical) Boom length 1.190m,Mast size 25-47mm, Wind surface area 0.07 m2,Turning radius ... Read more

Diamond AZ-910 50/144/430MHz (6m/2m/70cm)

The AZ-910 50/144/430MHz (6m/2m/70cm) Length:0.95m / Weight:120g, Gain:2.15dBi (144MHz), 5.5dBi (430MHz) / Max.power rating:50W FM (Total) Impedance:50 ohms / VSWR:Less than 1.5 / Connector:M-P, Type: 1/4wave(51〜52MHz FM), 1/2wave radialless... Read more

Diamond M-610R Pl plug (male) / PL jack (female...

The Diamond M-610R Pl plug (male) / PL jack (female), 6m cable harness for trunk mount first, The First 100cm are made of very thin cable to fit through the lid, the rest of the cable is made of low loss 6 mm cable. Read more

Diamond S510MM 5m cable with PL-foot / mount an...

A special highlight: the device plugs can be dismantled without soldering, making installation very easy. With protective caps for antenna feet and 24 carat gold plated inner pins.Cable length: a total of 5 meters (1.0 meter thin Diamond® 1.50-Q-... Read more

Diamond SRH770S: 144/430MHz (2m/70cm)

Length:70cm / Weight:45g, Gain: 2.15dBi (144MHz), 4.5dBi (430MHz), Impedance:50ohms / Max.power rating:10W FM, Connector:SMA-P / Type:3/8wave (144MHz), 3/4wave (430MHz). Read more

Diamond A144S5R 144-146MHz 2m 5 el Yagi

The Diamond A144S5R 2m beam, Frequency 144-146MHz, Gain 9.1dBi,Elements 5,Power 50W, Impedance 50 Ohms,Socket SO-239, Front-to-back ratio >14dB, VSWR <1.3:1 (typical) Boom length 0.95m, Mast size 25-47mm, Wind surface area 0.1 m2,turning rad... Read more

Diamond NR-22L 2m 2 x 5/8 high gain mobile antenna

Diamond NR-22L 2m 2 x 5/8 Probably the ultimate in single band mobile antennas for 144MHz. This design offers a massive 6.5dB of gain - more than any other model. You’ll certainly work the DX with this 2 x 5/8th design, * Band 144 MHz * 6.5dB *... Read more

Diamond NR-7700 R H 2m/70cm Dualbander 250W/200W

The NR-7700 Diamond 2m/70cm Dualbander 250W/200W, * Bands 144, 430MHz * Gain 3dBi, 5.5dBi * 250W, 200W * Base PL-259 * Length 1m, Dual band antenna for 144 & 430MHz. Higher power 250W on 2m than previous models. Read more

Diamond SGM-510 2m/70cm 100W Silver/black Mini-...

Diamond SGM-510 2m/70cm 100W Silver/black Mini-gainer. Bands 2m / 70cm * Power 100W * Gain 2.15/5.5dBi * 2m 1/2 wave 70cm 5/8th wave * Silver/Black Mini-gainer * Length 0.96m. Read more

Diamond CX-210A 2-way Coax Switch SO-239 sockets

The Diamond CX-210A 2-way Coax Switch SO-239 sockets 2-way Coax Switch * Sockets SO-239* Power 1.5kW (DC-30MHz), 1kW 30-150MHz, 500W (150-500 MHz), 250W (500-1000MHz) * Isolation 70 dB at 200MHz, 60dB at 1000MHz* Range DC-1000MHz* Size 71 x 57 x 4... Read more

Diamond K-707S MAGMOUNT

The Diamond K-707S so-239 with sma fitting.Screws directly onto sma handheld.Coaxial cable:2.5DQ-S(4m) Connector:MJ-SMAP / Diameter:100mm Read more

Diamond X-30 2m/70cm Fixed Station Vertical

The Diamond X-30 2m/70cm Fixed Station Vertical, This model is made of fiberglass construction, pre-tuned and fully weatherproofed. Mast mounting brackets are included. Read more

Diamond K-707M magmount

The Diamond K-707M mag-mount with Coaxial cable:2.5DQ-S(4m) Connector:MJ-MP / Diameter:160mm Read more

Diamond K-707B magmount.

Buy a Diamond K-707B mag-mount.SO-239 with BNC.Coaxial cable:2.5DQ-S(4m) Connector:MJ-BNCP / Diameter:100mm Read more

Diamond BC-101 144 to 174MHz VHF Vertical Antenna

Diamond BC-101 144 to 174MHz VHF Vertical Antenna for Commercial ApplicationsFrequency: 144 to 174MHzLength:1.5m / Weight:0.86kgGain:3.5dBMax.power rating:200WImpedance:50 bc15ohmsVSWR:Less than 1.5:1Rated wind velocity 50m/sec.Mast diameter accep... Read more

Diamond K-550L Roofrail Bracket

The Diamond K-550L is designed for mounting antennas on the roof bar. It will take the standard antenna mobile cable kit. The bracket is adjustable in both the vertical and horizontal plane. The bracket includes a thin metal saddle plate that bend... Read more

Diamond K540 Mirror/Luggage Rack Mount

Deluxe, adjustable mirror/luggage rack mount.• Wing nut antenna fold over feature• Fits 1/2" to 7/8" tubing mirrors or utility racks• Black finish• For lightweight to medium size antennas• Also available with SO-239 base, cable and conne... Read more

Diamond CP6 Bottom Feed Section SO-239

Diamond CP6 Bottom Feed Section. This is the SO-239 Feed section were the pl-259 fits, Read more

Diamond DPK-4NM-N Deluxe Heavy Duty Magnetic Mo...

The DPK-4NM-N - Diamond Deluxe Heavy Duty Magnetic Mount N socket base, coax & N Plug, Heavy duty magnetic mount * Diameter 11cm * N socket base * 4m 50 Ohm coax cable * Terminated in N-plug * Weight 350g * Cable clips & weather cap prov... Read more