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Diamond antenna

Welcome to the Diamond radio and antenna products page. Here, you'll find links for Diamond radio products for hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Amateur radio forums Like diamond antennas,power supplies , duplexers, coax switches vertical vhf-uhf antennas, hf base station antennas, and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio Diamond radio products sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in Diamond radio products design. Radioworld sell Diamond antennas HF/VHF/UHF/23cms, diamond coax switches , Diamond SWR meters, Diamond mobile mounts, Handheld antennas,

Diamond 3D4MR Cable kit for mobile antenna

3D4MR Diamond Cable kit for mobile antenna SO-239 socket base, coax & PL-259 4m long. Read more

Diamond Super Gainer K300 Gutter Mount

Brand: Diamond Model: K300, Description: Tilt Angle Adjustable, C/W Cable: No, Type: Gutter Mount. Read more

Diamond DP-MRX Magnet base bracket for handheld...

Magnet base bracket for handheld transceiversCoaxial cable:RG58A/U3mConnector:BNCJ-BNCP / Magnet diameter:76.5mm Read more

Diamond NR-770HSP 2m/70cm Dualbander

The diamond NR-770HSP dual band antenna for 144 & 430MHz. This design comes with coil-spring base and is an alternative to the NR-770R. Read more

Diamond SP-3000 Lightning surge arrestor DC-300...

Diamond SP-3000 Lightning surge arrestor DC-3000MHz 200W PEP 2 x N sockets, Frequency: DC – 3,000 MHz,SWR: less than 1.1,Insertion Loss: less than 0.2 dB,Max Power Rating: 200w PEP,Connector: Type N female – Type N female,Impulse Wave Discharg... Read more

Diamond SP-3000W Lightning surge arrestor DC-30...

Buy the SP-3000W Lightning surge arrestor DC-3000MHz 200W PEP 2 x "N" socketsFrequency: DC – 3,000 MHz SWR: less than 1.1 Insertion Loss: less than 0.2 dB Max Power Rating: 200w PEP Connector: Type N female – Type N female Impulse Wave Di... Read more

Diamond NR-770S mobile antenna

The Diamond NR-770S 2m/70cm dualband 100W 100W 0.43m long PL-259 1/4 wave on 2m & 1/2 wave on 70cm. Read more

DIAMOND SRH36 ANTENNA 144/430MHz 2m/70cm

The DIAMOND SRH36: 144/430MHz(2m/70cm) Length:36cm / Weight:15g, Gain:2.15dBi / Max.power rating:10W FM / Impedance:50ohms, Connector:SMA-P Type:1/4wave(144MHz), 1/2wave radialless(430MHz),120/150/300/450/800MHz for receiving only, super flexible ... Read more

Diamond AZ506: 144/430MHz(2m/70cm)

AZ506: 144/430MHz(2m/70cm)Length:0.67m / Weight:100gGain:2.5dBi(144MHz),4.5dBi(430MHz) / Max.power rating:50W FM(Total)Impedance:50ohms / VSWR:Less than 1.5:1 / Connector:MPType:3/8 wave(144MHz),3/4 wave(430MHz) Read more

Diamond SP-1000PW Lightning arrestor DC-1000MHz...

The Diamond SP-1000PW Lightning surge arrestor DC-1000MHz 400W PEP PL-259 to SO-239. Read more

Diamond K-400 Heavy Duty Hatch - Boot antenna M...

The Diamond K-400 Heavy Duty Hatch/Boot Mount, Deluxe heavy duty trunk lid/hatchback mount. Strongest, most universal mobile mount available. 2-axis adjustment gives flexibility in mounting location, i.e. trunk lid, hatchback, vertical door, etc. ... Read more

Diamond K-515 Roof Rail Mounting Bracket

The Diamond K-515 Roofrail Mounting Bracket 2-axis adjustable for bigger rails, * Tilt angle adjustable/mount bracket only * 2-axis adjustable * Rooftop railing Height accepted: Less than 50mm Width accepted: Less than 48mm. Read more

Diamond K-401 Heavy duty hatch/boot mount

The Diamond K-401 Heavy duty hatch/boot mount, -axis adjustable / mount bracket only Compact & heavy duty type. Read more

Diamond HVC-14CX 10/14MHz Add-on element for HV...

The HVC-14CX Diamond 10/14MHz Add-on element for HV-7CX. Read more

Diamond K-TRII Deluxe Heavy Duty Boot Lip Mount...

Diamond Deluxe Heavy Duty Boot Lip Mount with Angle adjust, Deluxe heavy duty boot lip mount with angle adjust (needs ECH) Read more

Diamond SP-3000P Lightning surge arrester DC-30...

The Diamond SP-3000P Lightning surge arrestor DC-3000MHz 400W PEP "N" type plug to "N" type socket, Frequency Range: DC – 3,000 MHz, SWR: less than 1.2:1 Insertion Loss: less than 0.3 dB Max Power Rating: 400w PEP Connector: Type N female – Ty... Read more

Diamond DP-TRY2E 6m/2m Dualbander

DP-TRY2E Diamond 6m/2m Dualbander 2m and 6m dualbander makes this the obvious choice for the6m repeater band. Its compact size and dual band feature is proving popular with owners of the ICOM IC-706 transceiver. * Bands 50, & 144MHz * 200W ... Read more

Diamond K110 'Big' Gutter Mount adjustable angle

The Diamond 'Big' Gutter Mount K110 adjustable angle, ultra heavy duty type Tilt angle adjustable mount only) 2-axis adjustable. Read more

Diamond K-501 Roofrail Mounting Bracket compact...

K501Compact size / heavy duty type.Tilt angle adjustable/mount bracket only ,2-axis adjustable,Mast diameter accepted:15mm to 34mm. Rooftop railing Height accepted:Less than 32mm Width accepted:Less than 50mm. Square mast side length accepted:15mm... Read more

Diamond K-11 Universal Gutter Mount

K-11 Diamond Universal Gutter Mount (Heavy duty type Tilt angle adjustable mount only) 2-axis adjustable) Read more

Diamond RH-3 2m/70cm Mini handheld antenna

The RH-3 Diamond 2m/70cm Mini Low Profile Helical antenna that has an extremely low profile, yet provides transmit (Tx) capability on three bands and offers useful wideband reception (Rx) on the additional bands shown below. This feature makes it ... Read more

Diamond AZ-504 2m/70cm Silver Metal Whip

Diamond 2m/70cm Silver Metal Whip AZ-504 , This is an extremely compact dual band antenna for 144 & 430MHz. Its low profile would make it appropriate for company cars and similar situations where antennas should be inconspicuous. * Bands 144, ... Read more

Diamond MR-77 2m-70cm 70W 50cm whip magmount 4...

The Diamond MR77 with PL-259: 144/430MHz(2m/70cm) Length: 0.5m / weight: 400g, Max.power rating: 70W / Coaxial cable:4m RG-58/U with pl-259 fitted. Read more

Diamond SRH-779 SMA 2m/70cm Dualband Tele-scopi...

SRH-779 Diamond SMA 2m/70cm Dual band Telescopic Whip with hinge SMA 2m/70cm Dual Band Telescopic Whip RX 118-900 MHz 10W 44cm long, 16cm retracted with hinge. Read more